The trick to choosing a delicious melon every time: you can't go wrong

When buying fruit, it is important to ensure that it is ripe. For this, there are different elements to take into account. This is the case for melons that it is important not to buy green to consume them immediately. Find out how to buy ripe fruit with these smart tips. One thing is certain: you will taste them fresh and sweet!

The melon is a pleasant fruit to eat in summer. Fresh and full of antioxidants, it is nutritious and tasty. Thanks to these tips, you will choose the best on the stalls!

When you go to the supermarket or the market to buy food, you may hesitate and wonder what type of fruit buy, especially when you are unsure if it is ripe or if it will take a little longer to ripen.

morceau de melon

Slice of Melon – Source: spm

Although a primeur can come to help you, you can sometimes be alone during your purchases. And there are two possible options, we can choose the perfect melon or we can be wrong and not be able to eat it!

So if you don’t want this to happen to you , we recommend that you consider these tips that will help you the next time you go out to buy fruit.

You want to know if the melon is Wall ? Here’s what you need to do

According to fruit and vegetable experts, to know if a melon is good and tastes good, you just have to take a look at it to have a better idea of ​​its flavor.

According to experts, the secret is to observe the exterior in detail. When the melon turns brown, it is the best time to eat it and it is also the time when it must also have a sweet aroma. Only, if you have the ability to smell the melon, we recommend touching it in the center. If you notice that your finger is slightly moist, it means it is ready to eat.

Pears – Source : spm

Pears ripen from the inside out, which can make it difficult to know the right time to consume it. Most of these fruits do not change color as they ripen, which presents another difficulty.

The easiest way to tell if a pear is ripe or not is to check the top of the fruit. Gently push the flesh of the pear up, near the stem. If there are a few, your pear is ripe and ready to eat.

Since they ripen from the inside out, it makes sense to check the part of the pear closest to the heart of the fruit. If all the pears in the grocery store are hard, don’t despair, they will ripen at home!

If your pear is very soft all over, not just the top, and covered dark spots, it’s probably worse indoors. A too soft consistency means that the fruit is probably pasty and mealy inside.

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