Here's how to shop with 100 euros a month: you'll save money

To save money, it is important to be organized. This is why it is important to budget your groceries at a reasonable amount. Discover the tips for not spending more than necessary on food.

Relayed by our colleagues from Time, advice for not exceeding a shopping budget of the equivalent of 100 euros per person and per month, help to better organize before shopping.

It is possible to stick to a shopping budget of 22 euros per month per person

To avoid spending more than necessary on groceries, establish a budget is essential. It is possible to limit this monthly expense to 100 euros per person provided that we know how to do it. To do this, you must first start by limiting your budget to the equivalent of 20 euros, i.e. 100 euros for everyday shopping and 100 additional euros for promotional items. For a household of two people, 226 euros are required for a budget of 199 euros of shopping and 20 euros for promotional items. The shopping budget only includes food and not products such as cosmetics or cleaning products. To limit this, effective habits allow you to save money and avoid waste.

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  • Paying in cash allows you to save money on your shopping

  • This habit is great for those new to errand budgeting and don’t want to go over budget by 20 euros per month in food shopping. If it is recommended to pay with cash, it is because this method of payment forces you to comply with your limitation . When you pay with your credit card, you can quickly exceed it. The experience is also different because cash makes you more aware of the amounts you spend, unlike paying by card. When your cash flow decreases, you slow down your rate of spending. A precaution that pays off when you decide to pay attention to your food expenses and save money.

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  • Making an inventory will prevent you from wasting your groceries

  • You have certainly already noticed that you have purchased duplicate fresh items. It is for this reason that it is important, before going to the supermarket, to know beforehand what is in your refrigerator or your pantry. This allows you to create a meal plan to use what you have . These measures allow you to avoid food waste and to adapt your menus according to what is already at home and to shop accordingly.

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      1. Creating weekly menus allows you to limit your shopping budget

      2. To stick to a food budget of 100 euros per person per month, create a menu plan depending on the inventory you have established . There are a plethora of easy recipes that you can even find on the internet that fit groceries that are already in your home. You can find out on some sites what ingredients you want to use for a recipe.

        1. Buying promotional items reduces your shopping budget

        2. Before creating your own meal plan according to your monthly budget, it is important not to ignore the promotions that are found at the supermarket. Buying this type of item significantly reduces your shopping budget. You can find out about the various promotions before you even leave your home to do your shopping. The supermarket site or leaflets allow you to carry out a real strategy for purchasing and organizing groceries or menus.

          1. Buying in bulk allows you to spend less on groceries

          2. This habit often adopted every month by large families can also benefit two-person households. To make substantial savings on your shopping, buying basic necessities in bulk allows you to spend less .

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            Preparing meals beforehand allows you not to spend more than the money for groceries

          This organizational precaution will allow you to anticipate your expenses but also to have meals prepared in advance. Its principle? Cook several meals for the week to avoid having to order take-out meals, a monthly budget that can be substantial. This can save you energy if you’ve had a long day because your meal will be ready, you just have to reheat it or defrost it.

          Limit your shopping budget to 100 euros does not mean depriving oneself or introducing restrictions. This organization allows you both to save money while having healthy and balanced meals. It also involves being more creative by organizing a meal plan that makes you happy at a low price.

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