100% natural mosquito repellent

When temperatures are high, mosquitoes, those unwanted guests, spoil your nights. Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of these harmful insects with a natural and powerful mosquito repellent.

Bites, itching, noise, are all inconveniences that mosquitoes can cause and this, particularly during the summer. Only, it is possible to fight against the presence of these disturbing insects by adopting an ingenious trick that will help you overcome this problem.

What is this natural repellent mosquito repellent?

It is possible to fight against mosquitoes without even using polluting insecticides. To fight against these pests responsible for bites, an object to make at home is formidable. Not to spoil anything, it will add a delicate and summery scent to your interior.

Candle – Source: spm

To fight against the bites of these insects, it is not always necessary to take control of insecticide products filled with chemicals. You can

make your own natural mosquito repellent at home. This multi-step guide is simple to follow and the ingredients to use are at your fingertips!

Did you know that a simple homemade candle can help you solve the mosquito problem. It could not be easier. You will first need to bring a lime, sprigs of fresh rosemary, a floating candle, a lemon, essential oil of lemony eucalyptus and a large bocal. All these ingredients have repellent properties against mosquitoes since their odors reach their central nervous system.

To make this repellent 100% natural, you will need to start by placing two slices of lemon and lime in your container. After cutting your rosemary sprigs into pieces, place them vertically in your jar.

Then pour into your jar 10 at 15 drops of lemon eucalyptus essential oil which releases an odor that instantly repels mosquitoes. All you have to do is fill the container with water.

The last step is to place a floating candle on the water in the jar

and light it. You will also enjoy these delicious lemon scents with a delicate smell in your home, while driving away mosquitoes for a long time.

There are other natural mosquito repellents for your home

If this lemon and rosemary candle works, there are other homemade mosquito repellents worth trying.

– Clove is your ally against mosquitoes

Always thanks to its disturbing smell for mosquitoes, this natural ingredient is ideal to drive them away. To take advantage of its effects, it will be necessary to plant some in half of an orange or a lemon. You will have thus produced an effective natural insecticide!

– Basil leaves to repel mosquitoes

Used to flavor salads, basil can also repel mosquitoes. His secret? The scent it gives off is hated by those insects that bother you at night. Place pots of basil on window sills or grow this plant in the garden. of chemicals. These tricks will get rid of these insects that can be your nightmare at night.

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