5 plants that clean up and refresh your home

Using air conditioning all summer can be expensive. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a more affordable and eco-friendly way to cool down? Adopt indoor plants! They not only allow you to decorate your home but they are also ideal for keeping cool.

Thanks to their action of photosynthesis, plants release ideal oxygen to cool a room quickly . Some of them are formidable when temperatures rise. Inviting them into your home will bring you a summer atmosphere while refreshing you.

Did you know that plants could help you when it’s hot? They not only protect you from the heat but also cool the environment and improve air quality. A plant that purifies the air in the house can guarantee excellent levels of hygiene and eliminate smoke from chimneys, cigarettes and toxic substances.

The Sansevieria

It is a beautiful green plant with a high water content that releases fresh air and also releases oxygen. It is ideal for keeping you cool on hot summer nights. Sansevieria, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, should be in every home. This plant eliminates pollutants, toxins and produces a large amount of oxygen, even at night. It is therefore appropriate to invite him into the room. It is easy to maintain and should only be watered when it becomes dry. It only needs to be watered once a month and it thrives in areas where the air is drier.

The Dracaena

Dracaena in pot – Source: spm

The Dracaena flower is a undemanding plant. It can withstand virtually any condition and grows in any location from sunny to full shade. The well-rooted dracaena can be placed outside during the hot season. It is a plant that purifies the air and eliminates toxins such as xylene, formaldehyde and benzene. Thus, the air you breathe in your home is much less humid and fresher. This plant is one of the best allies against the heat!


Ivy is one of the most popular balcony and garden plants. It is perfect for decorating walls and windows. English ivy only removes xylene, benzene and carbon oxides from the air but above all protects the walls of your home from humidity. Placed near the front door or windows, it will protect you from the heat!

The Ficus

The potted ficus in the house – Source: spm

Ficus is one of the most popular and beloved indoor plants. In case you didn’t know, the ficus has a more important role than just being a decorative plant in your home. It improves the air quality in the house. Its leaves absorb certain dangerous toxic substances that you find in the air of houses such as benzene, trichlorethylene and formaldehyde.


Chrysanthemum is a decorative plant that cleans the air of toxins emitted by chemicals. It is recommended to place these potted plants in the room where you spend more time in order to freshen the air.

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