What is the notch on tea bag labels really for? A little-known but essential function

Tea is a drink known for its delicate taste and its health benefits. Have you ever noticed the little notch on the sachets? This detail is not insignificant and yet has all its usefulness. One thing is certain: you will know more about this everyday object!

Have you ever noticed, however, that all sachet tea bags have a particular notch on the attached cardboard labels? on string? Don’t be mistaken, this is not a trivial detail because it does have a function.

What are the notches in the labels of tea bags for?

A tea bag in a cup – source: spm

When you notice the little unknown detail of the tea bags, we notice a small string attached, with a cardboard label with the brand logo printed on it.

Only, few people have probably noticed that most manufacturers make notches in the cartons of tea bags. Two small cuts of several millimeters are visible on two opposite faces. It turns out that this is not a detail and it is not an ornamental detail. When you put the tea bags in the water, the string helps to secure the bag securely until the drink is infused. For the small notches, they are used to roll up this one to prevent the whole sachet from falling into the cup when pouring water.

Uses of tea bags

A cup of tea – source: spm

Beyond being a stimulating drink that allows you to tone up, tea can be used in many ways for your home.

Eliminate bad odors from the refrigerator

Place the tea bags used in a container and place them in the refrigerator. They are useful for absorbing any odors from your appliance. Use multiple sachets if necessary. This little trick will allow you to have a fresh and odorless refrigerator.

Eliminate the bad smell of sneakers and shoes

Just as used sachets are useful in removing odors from the refrigerator, they also perform this function in smelly sneakers and shoes. Leave the sachets inside the shoes or trainers you don’t wear and change them often.

It is an excellent fertilizer for plants

The nutrients present in the tea bag are very effective for your garden or vegetable patch. It should be remembered that this smell helps to keep away several insects. It is therefore a natural insecticide to keep pests away from your plants!

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