What happens when you flush a match down the toilet? The handy trick that will save you money

This trick is still little known but it could bring you the solution to an annoying problem when you use your toilet. This natural method would also allow you not to use harmful chemicals for health.

Matches are not only used to light a fire or candles but they could be very useful for you to get rid of a recurring problem, especially since by favoring this natural trick over chemicals, you will save money.

What’s going on if you strike matches in your toilet?

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It may happen that in the toilets, bad odors persist without you having found a solution. You’ve tried industrial aerosol cans, toilet scents… but nothing works, you always have the impression that those foul odors won’t go away. To remedy this, there is a very effective natural solution that will help you solve this unpleasant problem. In addition, it will prevent you from continuing to waste your money on chemicals that do not work in the long term.

  • Crack a match in the toilet to avoid bad smells

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    To eliminate lingering odors from your toilet, you can use this simple and effective trick. To do this, strike a match in the room where your toilet is located. A flame will appear and sulfur will emerge. This chemical element will naturally make bad odors from your toilets. After lighting your match, you can then throw it in the toilet. This will not pose any problem for your pipes.

    Discover other tips to eliminate bad odors in your toilets

    toilettes mauvaises odeurs

    toilettes mauvaises odeurs

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    To eliminate unpleasant odors from your toilets, you can follow these few tips. They will allow you to use natural products and not invest in industrial products.

  • Place potpourri in the toilet
  • If you want to neutralize and get rid of bad smells from your toilet, you can install a potpourri. It is the ideal way to perfume your interior in a subtle way with fragrant smells. The best option for using potpourri well is to place it on a radiator so that the heat could diffuse the scent of the dried flowers.

    • Pour a drop of essential oil into your toilet bowl

    • To put a end to the nauseating odors of your toilets, opt for natural essential oils. Pour a few drops of one of your favorite oils into your toilet bowl and unpleasant odors, even that of urine, will disappear automatically. Several scents are effective such as those of lemon, eucalyptus or lavender.

    • Remember to clean the tank of your toilet
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      To eliminate bad odors from your toilets, remember to properly maintain the tank. The water in it may be made up of bacteria and the walls of the tank may be filled with limescale and mold. By flushing the toilet, bad odors can then spread in the room. Prefer a thorough cleaning with white vinegar or baking soda which will not damage your pipes. To get rid of stubborn traces, you can use the toilet brush. After cleaning it well, the water in the tank will be clear and clean again.

      The toilets are conducive to microbes and bacteria, it is necessary to maintain them well so as not to have unpleasant surprises when using them on a daily basis.

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