What are the new options offered by new ovens in 2022?

Modern ovens have functions and devices that we don’t even know exist. There are models on the market that clean themselves, others in which we can prepare several dishes at the same time. Some have been specially created for people who cannot cook. One thing is certain: you will be surprised by all that these appliances can allow you!

Technological advances have developed the functions of ovens that offer more and more options. Find out what you can do with the latest devices.

rails telescopique four

Telescopic rails for oven – Source: spm

  • Telescopic rails for oven

  • It is one of the most important and basic equipment of modern ovens. Thanks to the telescopic oven rails, when you open the appliance door, the trays come out completely.

    • Automatic programs
    • People who have no idea about cooking can find the option of a automatic cooking program in the ovens. Some devices have up to 80 different programs . The oven adjusts the temperature, time and cooking method itself.

      • The recipe book

      • Dozens of recipes can be displayed on the LCD screen. A digital cookbook may be available in modern oven options. By using a USB stick, you can even add your own recipes to it.

        • Cook two dishes at the same time

        • Ovens suitable for cooking several dishes at the same time are a real time and energy saver. The heat is distributed there so that it is possible to set different temperatures for each of the dishes.

              Two in one: oven and microwave

              Some devices combine the advantages of two devices and allow save space in the kitchen. Ovens with this option heat up faster than standard ovens. We can also choose a model with the steam heating function. Steamed dishes are healthier because they retain more vitamins and minerals.

              • A self-cleaning oven

              • Covering the oven with catalytic enamel plates helps absorb grease.

                The oven with pyrolysis function burns grease and leftovers at high temperature and all you have to do is sweep away the ashes.

                Cleaning at steam softens stuck-on food after several minutes and makes it easier to remove.

                • An oven with memory function

                • This oven option allows us to individually program the cooking parameters. This is very useful if you cook certain dishes frequently. This function also indicates the temperature of the device at the time of its breakdown.

                  Set a program in the oven – Source: spm

                  The additional characteristics of these ovens are as follows:

                  • door contact – blocks the opening of the door
                  • Safety switch: the oven is stops automatically if it stays too long at the programmed temperature.
                  • Grill: this function is ideal for small portions of meat, fish, toast, sausages or casseroles.
                  • Automatic shutdown: allows the oven to turn off at the time we have set in advance.
                  • Defrosting: allows you to defrost food and reheat it to room temperature.
                  • BakingSensor: a function that measures the humidity inside the appliance.

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