Inserting a needle into a banana peel: the genius trick that makes life easier

Rich in vitamins, carbohydrates and fibre, bananas not only help us to be satiated when we are peckish, but also bring many benefits to the body. Children particularly appreciate this fruit which also has a fun side. By inserting a needle into a banana, you will perform a real magic trick! We tell you everything.

Bananas are not only tasty but satisfying. It is the favorite fruit of athletes and people looking to start a slimming diet. The banana peel is used in the maintenance of the garden, in the kitchen but also to take care of its skin. But did you know that this fruit with multiple benefits can also have a playful side?

So what happens when you put a needle in a banana?

Have you ever put a needle in a banana? Just by imagining the process, it may seem strange. Believe it or not, this trick can be useful in the kitchen. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to do without it!

– Put a needle in a banana, a real magic trick

la banane

la banane

Banana – Source: spm

To better guide your movement, start by using a needle to draw a line on the banana skin without damaging it. Then gently introduce it into the fruit. The needle should not come out the other side of the banana. Then swing the needle from left to right inside the banana. Take the needle out and then lower it a centimeter before reinserting it into the banana. Repeat the same motion until you reach the other end of the banana. Once the fruit is peeled, you will notice that it is completely sliced. Use this trick to prank a friend or loved one. He won’t believe his eyes!

What are the other uses of banana peel?

Besides its fun side, the banana peel can be used in many ways, whether to maintain your garden or your skin. Before getting rid of it, take the time to enjoy its many benefits.

– Place bananas in the garden to attract butterflies and birds

Bird eats a banana – Source: spm

Banana peel can also be useful for attracting butterflies and birds. These contribute to the reduction of the presence of insect pests and participate in the pollination of plants. This is the case, for example, of the titmouse, the robin or the starling. For this, make a few holes in the skin of a ripe banana. Then place it in a corner of your garden. You will notice that some birds and butterflies will be attracted by the sweet taste of this fruit, so they will come to rest on or near it in your garden. A banana peel alone can also do the trick. Place it on the window sill, on the balcony or hung on a tree branch. You will get the same result.

– Use the banana peel as fertilizer for your plants

Banana peel – Source: spm

Banana peels are real natural fertilizers ideal for indoor plants, the vegetable patch and even the garden. Excellent fertilizer, they bring nutrients rich in nitrogen to the soil. To benefit from its many properties, it is possible to bury a very ripe banana peel in the soil of your plant after having crushed it. This trick is just as effective when strips of skin are placed directly on the soil of the plant. By doing so, your plantation will benefit from the potassium, calcium and magnesium contained in the skin of this fruit. Banana peel can also be useful in watering plants. To do this, simply let it rest for 24h a banana peel in a container filled with water. Then, remove the skin from the jar before watering your plants with this liquid.

– Take care of your skin with the banana peel

Banana peel on the skin – Source: spm

Banana is well known for its benefits on the skin. Rich in minerals and vitamins, it nourishes and hydrates all skin types and can even replace anti-aging creams. The banana peel then brings good nutrients for dry skin but also gives radiance to your face. In addition, the lutein it contains helps fight against acne, psoriasis and eczema . It is enough to prepare this miracle remedy at home. Mix a handful of dry rice until you get a powder. Do the same for the banana peel then mix it with the rice powder. The two ingredients form a thick paste that you can apply to your skin. Leave for fifteen minutes before rinsing your face. Banana peel can also be rubbed directly onto dull skin to restore radiance.

Although it is odd, the needle in the skin trick banana will surely amaze those around you. However, the fun side of this fruit is not its only asset. Banana peel has many other unsuspected uses.

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