The life of 2 zodiac signs will change from July 19: a period of doubts will set in

Each month, the planets are in motion. They can bring both positive and negative influences to the signs of the zodiac. On 19 July, the Sun and Mercury in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn disrupt daily life and create friction in the family and tension at work. Discover those whose life will change from this date.

In astrology, the characteristics of each sign impact their way of solving problems. From 19 July, certain zodiac profiles will have to face a reality difficult to accept. They will then have to arm themselves with courage and determination during the next few days to survive this critical phase of their life.

Which zodiac signs will be in difficulty from 19 July?

The astral sky will experience many upheavals from 19 July. These will have a direct impact on the life of certain zodiac signs. The climate will be tense and their morale will be low. They will have to face a blow that will sow doubt in their minds. Bad news could even awaken strong emotions and difficult temperaments. Here are the predictions.



Gemini. Source: spm

A crisis may arise in the life of this native during the next few days. From 19 July, the native of Gemini will be able to receive unexpected news . This risks sinking him into a phase of doubts and questions. To move forward, he will have to take the time to think about real solutions and a responsible decision for his own well-being and that of others. On the family level, he will have to face a reality that he has struggled to accept for a long time. Being overwhelmed by stress and pressure, he will find it difficult to take a step back and keep his commitments within the couple. At work, he will try to gather all the relevant information to finalize a project but with all the worries that cross his mind, he will have a hard time achieving it. This delicate situation could then impact his professional life. To limit the damage, certain conditions must be met to make all the necessary changes. Fortunately, it will not lack confidence with the presence of Jupiter. He manages to focus on the essentials before the end of the summer while maintaining strong ties with those around him.



Pisces. Source: spm

With all the disappointments he had to suffer since the beginning of this month, Pisces will find it difficult to get up. All this pressure on his shoulders will prevent him from making informed decisions, whether in his personal or professional life. From the 19 July, this Water sign will enter a phase of anxiety and stress which will have a negative impact on his relationships with others. . He will thus be forced to take a completely different direction than he could have envisaged before. He will then suffer in silence from this backtracking and will not always find combative people by his side to motivate him. However, nothing is lost. If he manages to pull himself together and change his vision of things, the situation could take a more favorable turn before the end of the summer. He will feel the need to take care of his health and well-being. And he can count on Mars to clear things up at work and in his life as a couple. A conclusive deal could be a game-changer and boost his morale.

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