The trick to keeping birds away from the vegetable patch: they won't come back

Birds are not always welcome in our vegetable garden or orchard. Indeed, they can cause significant damage to our plants. Large birds such as pigeons can attack seedlings or young plants. The blackbirds, for their part, are rather fond of the red fruits of the orchard. They can spoil the harvest of strawberries, cherries or raspberries. Find out how to keep birds away from your vegetable garden, without using a scarecrow.

To take care of the plants in the vegetable garden or orchard, it is important to keep away pests and pests that spoil the harvest. This is especially the case with birds. Pigeons, blackbirds or starlings, these birds are a real threat to plants. They peck red berries, attack seedlings and feed on leafy vegetables such as lettuce or cabbage. However, you can protect your plants from these pests, without even installing a scarecrow.

The scarecrow has always been the most used solution to prevent birds from attacking the vegetable garden . In addition to the scarecrow, other tricks are used based on sound and light, in order to scare the birds away and scare them away.

  • Use CDs to scare birds

  • CD to scare the birds away – Source: spm

    To keep birds away from your vegetable garden, just hang old CDs on a string, keeping the reflective sides facing outwards. Then, hang them in pairs in a tree, or hang the string on supports, in the middle of your plants. When the wind blows on the CDs, they clash and emit reflections and noises which scare away the birds.

    Note that you can replace the CDs with pieces of aluminum foil or any silver object , because it is the reflected light that frightens the birds and prevents them from approaching.

    • Install metal cat heads to keep birds away

    You can buy metal cat heads, and hang them all over your vegetable garden. The eyes are made of marbles that sparkle in the light which could scare the birds away. Note that you can make your own deterrent cats. To All you have to do is cut cat heads out of cardboard, preferably using thick cardboard, black. Then stick on the head of the cardboard cat, glass marbles to imitate the eyes.

    Pigeon pres des plantes

    338654Pigeon near plants – Source: spm

    • Install a nylon for chasing birds

    To repel birds birds and especially to protect your plantations, it is recommended to install thick nylon threads, like fishing line. For this, you can stretch your nylon threads to cm, above young shoots of leafy greens and seedlings. These wires must be parallel and spaced cm roughly. This invisible obstacle will disturb the birds and scare them away.

    • Noise to scare birds away
    • Noise is an effective means to frighten the birds and scare them away. For this, you can plant stakes in your vegetable garden and hang at their end a thin plastic bag. When the wind blows and rushes into the plastic bag, this produces a noise and a slight movement, likely to scare the birds. You can also put a radio set under the tree targeted by the birds or near your plantations by choosing a channel that broadcasts music, but also info. Indeed, the radio station will be more dissuasive if the content is varied.

      In addition to these tricks, you can also keep birds away by using olfactory repellents such as cade oil, lavender essential oil or the smell of certain spices such as cinnamon, cayenne pepper, curry and pepper. Birds can’t stand these smells that scare them away.

      Thanks to these tips, you will be able to keep away the pest birds that devastate your vegetable garden, but also the fruit trees in your orchard, without having to install a scarecrow and without using chemicals likely to harm them.

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