The detail that shows you the actual number of kilometers traveled by a used car. You have to pay attention to this when buying

When you decide to buy a used car, you must define a budget according to the maintenance of the car, the cost of insurance and the traffic costs depending on the model chosen. The used car market is becoming more and more popular but also popular with scammers. Indeed, this type of car is often the subject of scams related to the actual mileage of a used car. We are going to share with you some tips for checking the odometer of the used car you have chosen.

Find out how not to get the mileage of a used car wrong. This detail will prevent you from being scammed when buying a used car.

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The used car – Source: spm

When buying a used car, it can be complicated to know all the real history of the car you have chosen to buy. Some sellers even use techniques to scam buyers. They make sure to arrange in their favor the mileage of the vehicles on sale. This makes it possible to increase the value of the used vehicle by deceiving the buyer. We speak of mileage fraud when the seller of a used car modifies the meter mileage so that it displays a lower number of kilometers and makes a better profit when selling.

– Perform checks on the used car

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A car check – Source: spm

The trip computer does not keep track of a change in the odometer. To recognize a tampered meter, you will face different external signs visible on the used vehicle. For example, by carrying out checks on the model you have chosen, you will be able to notice these small signs. Worn pedals whose grooves disappear, a smooth or damaged steering wheel, a gear lever apple tree whose numbers are illegible or even a deteriorated seat… all these examples are signs of an advanced mileage of the vehicle.

You should also check the exterior condition of the used car. If you notice traces of rust on the top of the car, a leak in the shock absorbers or a problem with the brakes, you can compare all these signs with the number of kilometers displayed on the used vehicle account.

– Perform a expertise of the chosen car

Expertise of a car – Source: spm

If you have any doubts during the purchase of a used car, you can request an expertise from a specialist. For safety, the expert can check the actual wear of the vehicle. Especially since he will be able to collect information from former car insurers. You can also go to the dealership of the chosen vehicle brand, which can check its mileage.

Finally, you can request the HistoVec report from the vehicle owner. This official document provides information on the history of the highlights of the car registered in the national file of the SIV (Vehicle Registration System).

Reprogramming the odometer of a used car is an illegal operation. If a seller deceives you about the real condition of the vehicle he sold you, it can be punished by law.

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