The secret of mana 1



A  powerful RPG from the 1990s made by Squire the people who would end up in the future making Final Fantasy 7 for many people considered the best RPG game to be ever made for storyline or graphics but a lot of people don’t consider how high quality the Snes was made.


You start of playing it was as the  boy who has the mana sword  which means he he has physical strength and defense and health  but no magic powers as such he’s more the overall attack character out of the girl and a lady from the storyline.


You play it two ways to get the other characters you get the spite or small girl first if you go to the Dwarf area first if you go into the part of the game and get kidnapped by goblins then you get the older woman first and get the spite girl later on this can make the game harder  the second boss here the  Witch is a pretty hard one to beat her like a pet. game24hours

You need to get up to at least level 14 years to win here if not you will probably kill from the battle here once you did here you can start to get ready for getting magic with the girl being the one who gets attack magic but the older woman gets healing magic.


The idea of flying using cannon from the brothers who all look the same at the time really blow my mind how something so cool could exist on a 16 bit system at the start of the game this allows you to be able to move around the game and get further in the storyline.


Over time you will get mana Dragon called Flammie which then allows you to move around the game at your leisure easier.


The game has a sort of emotional but serious feel it all such as the idea of being down the Evil Empire from the past who exist in the future who’s main goal is  to bring back the Mana Empire of the past again is good idea.


You get to see the game in like medieval to like future themed is very smart overall to have all in one game to me.


You will find over time your magic level will go up once you get the powers from each of the magic characters such as like the Gnome will allow you to perform his kind of attacks which does seem to be overall the most power the max level it can go up be level 7 once that happens you can’t do better or more powerful attack or defence spells so be aware the main character attack will be more and more important as the game happens against bosses plus a lot of the magic you get will not work against the general  enemies or bosses  like so work on going up levels as much as possible doing the game to not get stuck when you want to go further in the game as a whole