Washing machine that smells bad? Here is the trick to eliminate bad odors and leave a nice scent on clothes

After a good shower, what could be better than putting on clean, well-ironed clothes? We thus almost have the impression of wearing impeccable clothes that smell like new. Except that disappointment is often there: we don’t know why or how, but our beautiful sweatshirt has an unpleasant musty smell. However, it has just been washed. From astonishment to frustration, there is only one step. What if the problem was precisely your washing machine? Do you remember to clean it regularly with the most suitable products? There is no mystery: if you do not maintain this appliance properly, you will always have this kind of unpleasant surprise!

The washing machine concentrates a large amount of limestone, scale and detergent residue. Over time, mold forms, accumulates and leads to bad smells. If you don’t plan for frequent cleaning of the device, things will only get worse. Limestone can cause multiple problems for all appliances, especially the washing machine. And when you do the laundry, all those limescale deposits have a real impact on your clothes. Don’t worry, without resorting to often invasive chemicals, you can use natural methods to clean your washing machine and neutralize all bad smells. Like the lemon trick that will refresh the appliance easily and quickly!

The trick to neutralize bad odors in the washing machine

Empty the washing machine – source: spm

Like the oven that needs routine cleaning to stay clean and operational, it is important to take good care of the washing machine so that it is always fresh and efficient. The analogy is not trivial: because, if the oven is dirty, the food cooked inside will not have the usual flavor and will be less healthy. The same goes for clothes washed in a “dirty” machine: they end up having a bad smell, due to humidity and mould. Not to mention that the drum of the machine often remains closed after each wash, so it does not have the opportunity to air out like you have to!

No need to ruin yourself with expensive products that are often harmful to the environment. To overcome this inconvenience, you can count on the cleansing and deodorizing properties of an all-natural ingredient: lemon. You may not know it, but this citrus fruit can also act as a perfect disinfectant. It is very effective in removing scale and lime deposits. As a bonus, it gets rid of bad odors and brings a delicate lemony scent.

A winning trio? Lemon, white vinegar and baking soda will help you permanently get rid of bad odors embedded in the washing machine. To obtain a homemade disinfectant 22% natural, just insert into the empty drum a mixture of white vinegar and lemon juice (half a glass each). Then run an empty wash. To complete this cleaning, add a little baking soda to the detergent drawer. You will be delighted with the result: your appliance will be completely deodorized and cleansed of all dirt!

A few tips for properly cleaning the washing machine

A washing machine that smells bad – source: spm

Now that you have the ideal method for properly cleaning your washing machine and eliminating unpleasant odours, here is a series of maintenance tips so that your device does not deteriorate with time and wear.

  • Never overload the drum of the washing machine, as the appliance may deteriorate over time and alter the fabrics of your clothes.
  • Keep the lid open after each end of washing, in order to that the inside of the drum is well ventilated.

  • Make sure the rubber of the washing machine always remains clean and disinfected with bleach: this is where dirt generally accumulates.
  • Clean from time to time the drawer, ie the place where you put the detergent and fabric softener. It can actually be overloaded with residue that enters the drum with every wash. If the detergent is powder, this buildup will be even greater.

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