Why do men's shirts have a buckle in the back? few people know

Some of us have already noticed the presence of a buckle in the back of men’s shirts. However, no one knows the real reason for the existence of this loop at this exact location. There are several versions explaining this. Check them out without further ado.

Men’s dress shirts often have a loop sewn into the back of the neck to help hold the bow tie loop in place. Buckles are most often featured on high quality dress shirts worn at special events.

What is the purpose of the buckle in the back of men’s shirts?

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Many historians and clothing experts believe that the history of this buckle is directly related to the American sailors of the first half of the XXth century. Due to the limited space inside the ships, the cabins were equipped with compact wardrobes or tiny hangers.

And because the cupboards were not enough wide to put a hanger, the shirts of the sailors were equipped with loops. This made the shirts easier to store and dry. In addition, an additional security cord could pass through the buckle.


The other substantiated theory is that this clothing detail appeared in the years 1950 on college campuses as an evolution of the preppy style. The preppy style is a mixture of masculine business style and casual chic style for pupils and students.

One of the representatives of the Gant clothing brand said that it It was their company that began producing such shirts for the University of New Haven campus and later for Yale University. And that the designer who invented this style was a sailor in the past.


This small piece of fabric also became a kind of secret code which made it possible to identify students according to whether they were single or in a relationship. According to the Gant brand on its website, it is said that whenever a man missed wearing his shirt tie, it was to hint that he was dating someone. If, on the other hand, he wore it, then he had no relationship and was open to meeting people.

So, and despite the fact that over the over time it has become a simple anecdotal detail, the piece of fabric that some shirts have in the back has become fundamental. A detail that not only served to prevent the shirt from creasing, but also became a kind of code to determine the personal situation.


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Men’s shirts – Source: spm

Curly shirts have become very popular among students. That’s why other shirt makers like Brooks Brothers and Wren followed Gant’s lead. As the style evolved, the curly shirt took on new meanings. For example, over time the buckle took on a romantic connotation – pulling the buckle was a way of showing interest in a boy (student).

Due because of their romantic connotation, students who wore buckled shirts, but failed to date girls, were branded as homosexuals. This made shirts with buckles very unpopular at the time. But because there was no need to throw them away, most students cut the loop. For this reason, the fashion for curly shirts faded. And yet, many contemporary manufacturers are creating such shirts to revive tradition and give consumers the opportunity to enjoy their practical benefits.

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