How to know if your phone has been hacked and you are being spied on? Observe this simple detail on the screen

As everyone knows, nowadays, the big disadvantage of mobile phones is that they are the target of cybercriminals and any malicious person. Unfortunately, none of us are immune to possible hacking, theft or dangerous intrusion. Do you think someone is spying on your Smartphone? If you have big suspicions, you will definitely be interested in this article. By following our simple tips, you can know, without being an expert on the subject, if someone is listening to your conversations or accessing your messages. Also find out how to better protect your device.

Even the most tech novices will find no difficulty in discovering the pot of roses. You just need to pay attention to 3 essential signals. Discover them!

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Spy on a cell phone – Source: spm

Here are the 3 signs that indicate that your mobile phone is probably being spied on

How to know if your mobile phone is being spied on? It is first important to remember that without the consent of the person concerned, spying on their messages or e-mails without their knowledge is illegal. This type of activity, although common, is not authorized by law. This is why it is important to constantly monitor your mobile phone to avoid this kind of sneaky intrusion.

We will now turn your attention to certain signals that can warn you that your device is under the control of another person.

  • First of all , if you notice an abnormal consumption of cellular data, it is very likely that a spy application has been installed on your mobile phone. In other words, when you are using your mobile as usual, but you notice that the gigabytes are running out too quickly, then it is very likely that your Smartphone is under surveillance or used by someone other than you.
  • The second sign that should not be underestimated is rapid discharge and sudden loss of your mobile phone battery. A device that discharges in such a short time could be spied on, unless the battery is very old or obviously defective.
  • Finally, the third sign would be a battery that overheats quickly. If your Smartphone is in very good condition and has never been overheated, this may give you a clue. This unusual overheating may be due to the stolen data being sent from your device to another. So be very careful and vigilant. If in doubt, contact your service center.

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    Unlocking a mobile phone – Source: spm

    – Use a secure unlocking system

    Using a secure unlocking system is the first step in protecting your mobile’s privacy. Since your Smartphone hosts sensitive data (contacts, appointments, web history, photos, videos, etc.), you must ensure that no one can access it freely.

    – Hide lock screen notifications

    The Smartphone’s lock screen, i.e. the one on which the time and the last notifications received are displayed, could reveal sensitive information. It is precisely for this reason that it is important to regularly hide notifications.

    – Do not access not to public Wi-Fi networks

    We cannot repeat it enough: connecting to public Wi-Fi networks is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Why ? Because these networks are much more vulnerable to cyberattacks. It is even the breeding ground of all hackers and cybercriminals!

    – Do not lend your mobile phone to strangers

    For security reasons, it would be safer to never lend your mobile phone to people than you do not know. Simply because you will never know if this person will not take the opportunity to spy on you and violate your privacy. According to some surveys, it turns out that a large number of users have already fallen into this kind of trap. Many cybercriminals tend to get close to their potential victims by using feelings to gain access to their sensitive data, or even to steal their device.

    For example, an attacker may ask his victim to lend him his mobile phone to contact his family because he lost his. Quite simply. It’s up to you to always be on the lookout and not to trust just anyone!

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