Is it possible to read someone's text messages without them knowing?

Although it is illegal, spying on a phone is possible thanks to certain software. There are therefore applications that allow access to information contained in the device of a third party. Is it possible to read someone’s text messages without them knowing? Here are some answers!


The insertion of a spy software on a phone allows you to simultaneously receive SMS sent to it. This type of application is installed and configured quickly and easily. All you have to do is access the device you want to monitor. Subsequently, the user proceeds to download and activate. These tools also forward messages processed by other messaging services. Their use is chargeable, even if the designers provide a trial period.

Basically, these solutions are for parents who want to monitor their children’s phone. Parental control also applies to MMS. Additionally, text message tracking applies to deleted chats. In addition, transfers are available on any medium that has access to the Internet. One of the advantages of these solutions is discretion. The device runs in the background and the icon can be hidden. However, you have to make sure that it is compatible with the laptop.

Access the phone

Another option to read someone’s text messages without them knowing is to access their phone. Thus, it is possible to read previews of messages on the notification bar. From the message center, users also have the possibility of consulting the beginnings of the discussions. Nevertheless, one should avoid opening correspondence, since not all devices allow marking it as unread.

However, if these are already open messages, the owner of the laptop will not know that these threads have been read. Therefore, by borrowing the telephone of the person concerned to make a call, it is possible to take advantage of it to spy on him. A more radical solution is to recover data from a Smartphone. The SIM card or the device serves as storage space for text messages. Then, with a suitable cable or reader, the data can be copied to a computer.

The Cloud

Some devices back up content such as text messages to the Cloud. Therefore, it suffices to access this space with the identifiers of the person concerned on a computer. If, for example, he has an open session on a device, it is also possible to consult his saved elements. In the latter case, no need for his password to read his SMS. In addition, the user can activate the synchronization by accessing the laptop.

S he has paired his device with a computer, message monitoring becomes easier. All threads are displayed with details of senders and dates.

In summary, to read someone’s text messages without them knowing, you have to access their phone. Otherwise, the devices connected or synchronized with his Smartphone can be used. It is easier to configure these options and install software on a laptop before giving it to him.

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