How to cool the car quickly during the heat wave? A simple trick without using the air conditioning

With the arrival of summer and the significant rise in temperatures, being in an enclosed place can sometimes be unbearable. Motorists are the first victims of this stifling heat wave. To find solutions when driving with such high temperatures, we are going to share with you a solution to evacuate the hot air from your vehicle.

Check out this method that allows you to cool your vehicle despite the exceptional rise in temperatures. This solution will push the heat back into the passenger compartment of your vehicle in a very short time.

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A woman driving her car – Source: spm

The heat wave is not kind to motorists who do not have a car equipped with air conditioning. It can be very difficult and inconvenient to drive in hot weather. For example, if you get into your vehicle and the seats are very hot and your steering wheel is hot, driving can quickly become unpleasant. In addition the high heat inside your vehicle can quickly make the air unbreathable. With this method, you will be able to evacuate the heat and lower the temperature inside your car despite the absence of air conditioning.

– Open the windows of your vehicle to evacuate the heat

Open window of a car – Source: spm

There is a very simple and effective method to cool the cabin of your car. Especially if you’ve been parked for hours in the hot sun without a sun visor. To evacuate the feeling of heat from your car, you can follow this trick. First, roll down the driver side window then open the passenger side door and ventilate the air by opening and closing the door repeatedly. Then repeat the same process with the driver side door and the passenger side window down at least five times. By doing this, you will be able to evacuate the hot air from your vehicle. Finally, fresh air will be able to enter through the lowered windows. This method could lower the temperature inside the car by a few degrees in seconds.

Other Tricks to cool your vehicle without air conditioning

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A woman in her hot car – Source: spm

To avoid sweating in your car and suffocating inside from heat, you can follow these tips to cool it down. Especially since it is strongly advised not to drive with a vehicle that has a temperature of more than 100°C. To lower the temperature inside the cabin of your car, you can roll down the windows to let the air in.

Then you can use windshields. suns for the rear side windows. If you take the road on holiday during hot weather, it is advisable not to overload your vehicle, so beware of too many suitcases.

Choose an accessory for your car to plug into the cigarette lighter socket or via USB. For example, a portable fan that will help you cope with the ambient climate.

Finally, try to circulate during the cooler hours of the day, so you can park at the shade when you take a break and leave the windows ajar. Fresh outside air will be able to circulate in your car.

Above all, remember to hydrate yourself regularly with water when you drive. High temperatures could distract you from driving so don’t forget your water bottles.

Now you know some tips to reduce the temperature inside your car if you don’t have air conditioning. They will allow you to have a more pleasant driving during hot weather.

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