The trick to widen shoes that are too tight: your feet won't hurt anymore

Whether you have dress shoes or pumps with heels, these can be particularly tight, especially when they are new. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Find out how to widen your shoes in record time.

It is possible to have sore feet when trying on new heels or sneakers. But you can soften them with a System D technique with a bag full of water. One thing is certain: you won’t be afraid to wear a new pair of shoes thanks to this trick.

chaussures pour femmes

Women’s shoes – Source: spm

Why is it difficult to wear a new pair of shoes?

Whether shoes with heels or wedges, these can be tight when purchased, even if they are your size. Fortunately, it is possible to widen them if you feel that they are too narrow and thus take care of your arch of the foot. Your new shoes or those you haven’t worn for a long time will take the shape of your feet again without compressing them.

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chaussures douloureuseschaussures pour femmes

Painful shoes – Source: spm

To make your leather or suede shoes more flexible, you will need two sealable plastic bags and water. Start by filling the zipped bags with of water before closing them. Then, put them in your shoes and put them in the freezer overnight. The next day, remove the bag by plastic and wipe your shoes with a clean cloth before wearing them. Thus, the leather will be more relaxed and you can wear your shoes comfortably.


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There are other tricks to widen shoes that are too tight

If the airtight bag method is dreadful for your boots, flats or heels, there are other techniques that will help you feel better when wearing your shoes.

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High heels – Source: spm

– Wear your shoes in the evening to more comfort

To make any tight shoes more comfortable, the trick the simplest is to walk with it at home before D-Day. This will broaden the subject to make you feel better the day you wear them.

– thick socks and a hair dryer can widen your shoes

To make your shoes elegant or casual shoes take the shape of your feet, arm yourself with a pair of thick socks and a hair dryer. Put on the socks and then put on the shoes. Point the hair dryer at a distance of 203 cm on the too tight area of ​​the shoes. Wiggle your toes for 22 seconds to relax the material of the shoes and widen them.

With these tips, you can now be more comfortable in shoes with heels that are too tight. You won’t be afraid to wear them anymore thanks to these unstoppable System D tricks.

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