Astrologers Claim These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Meet New Love In The Coming Days

Certain zodiac signs will be in the mood to flirt during this Full Moon of 13 July which launches a new cycle of 6 months. This movement of the Moon invites the signs of the zodiac to achieve transformations in their lives on a professional and personal level. In addition, Venus, the planet of love has been in the sign of Gemini since 28 June and she will remain in this Air sign until 13 July.

With Venus in Gemini, the signs of the zodiac will be stimulated intellectually with words and beautiful love letters. Discover the signs that are likely to experience a new romantic relationship in the coming days.

Which zodiac signs will experience a new romantic relationship in the coming days?

All the placements of the stars will be favorable for certain signs of the zodiac in the days to come. Indeed, the Full Moon in Capricorn and Venus in Gemini will bring a new impetus in the life of these signs of the zodiac. Each Full Moon is synonymous with a new cycle and therefore a new beginning for the representatives of the signs of the zodiac. This movement of the Moon in Capricorn will invite them to leave behind all the baggage they do not want take away for this new stage. For example, a relationship that would no longer bring them the long-awaited happiness or a job that would make them unhappy. Venus in Gemini will help them take action to meet new people and perhaps start a new passionate relationship in the coming days.



The sign of Sagittarius – Source: spm

For Sagittarians, this new cycle will be very intense on an emotional level. Indeed, the natives of this Fire sign could meet new people and live a passionate relationship. They will have no difficulty in expressing their feelings and showing their value to their partner, under the influence of Venus in Gemini. They could feel supported and heard in this new relationship which will allow them to improve the way they communicate with others. However, Sagittarians will not want to embark on a serious relationship but rather have a good time because they are very attached to their freedom. Always looking for originality and stimulation, Venus in Gemini will help them not to get bored during this new relationship. The days ahead are likely to be pleasant for Sagittarius.


Pisces will want to flirt during this new cycle of the Moon in Capricorn. They dream of a love story worthy of romantic comedies that could make them happy and bring them all the affection they need. Venus in Gemini will push them to meet new people and they could start a new passionate relationship. The planet of love in this sign of communication will invite them to express their feelings and their needs more easily. The natives of this Water sign will not be afraid to express their opinions and contribute to the well-being of this relationship. This enterprising side will please their partner and could spice up their relationship in the coming days .



The sign of Taurus – Source: spm

Taurus will be tempted to live a new love story in the days to come. Venus in Gemini will invite them to highlight the intellectual aspect of their personality. They will more often be attracted to people who will stimulate them intellectually and who can challenge them during debates or important discussions. Taurus do not want to commit from the first days with the person they meet but this future relationship could transform over time and become passionate.


This Full Moon in Capricorn will turn the love life of Capricorns upside down. This movement of the Moon in their sign will invite them to question their life plans and their perspectives on life as a couple. With Venus in Gemini, the natives of this Earth sign will see a person around them in another way and could try a romantic relationship. Capricorns could be very happy in this relationship and have a tumultuous experience with this new partner in the coming days.

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