How to operate the remote control with only one battery? The trick that helps

It may happen that you run out of batteries for the TV remote control and are unable to watch your favorite TV programme. Fortunately, it is possible to solve this problem, even if you only have one working battery left. This trick will be useful for you to make your remote control work.

If you haven’t had time to replace your batteries and you only have one functional one left, it is still possible to operate your remote control. The secret ? A tip that will help you replace the second battery that no longer works so that you can watch your television again.

It is possible to make your remote control work if you do not have no more identical replacement battery

With a small new battery, you can operate your remote control, even if its size does not conform to the remote control.

To do this, put the small battery in your device respecting the negative and positive pole. You will quickly notice that you will have a gap left for the stack to fit properly. This is where you will need to take a piece of aluminum foil and roll it into a small ball. This will be used to fill the space between the pole and the tip of the battery. All you have to do is close the cover and press a button. That’s it !


Remote. Source: spm

What other way to replace a remote control?

If you have lost your remote control or if it no longer works, it is possible to overcome this inconvenience by downloading an application for a universal remote control in your smartphone. With modern technology, it is possible to solve the problem of too many remote controls at home and manage several electronic devices at the same time. Among these applications, we find Anymote Smart Remote available on iOS and Android or IR Castreal which only works for Android. Thus, controlling the television and other devices communicating by red rays, is easy with these applications.

Inconveniences encountered on a daily basis with the remote control

Apart from replacing a lost or faulty battery, there are tips to alleviate other daily inconveniences that you could well do without!

1- In case of loss of a

small remote control

Whether it’s a hi-fi system, television or any other electrical device, it is possible to adopt a trick to avoid losing your remote control, especially if it is small. To do this, you will need to use two rubber bands and tie the small remote control to the larger one. This ingenious technique will save you time and save you from wasting energy looking for your remote everywhere.

Small remote control . Source: spm

2- In case of corrosion of the batteries of the remote

The traces left by batteries due to corrosion can be stubborn and difficult to clean. Fortunately, it is possible to overcome it with white vinegar and lemon with which you will wipe the compartment. Then wipe down with isopropyl alcohol which will help your remote to remove moisture. All you have to do is rub the hard-to-reach areas with a microfiber cloth and your device will be impeccable.

One thing is certain: it is possible to do operate your remote control if you are out of batteries with these ingenious tricks.

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