Hearing aids and hearing aids: increasingly innovative technologies

Prostheses and hearing aids are practical, natural and tailor-made, and enjoy a good image with the public. Much more than simple hearing aids, they are true concentrates of technologies and innovations. Something to revolutionize the daily lives of patients.

Connected hearing aids and prostheses

New generation hearing aids and prostheses are very efficient. They can be connected to a smartphone, tablet or other household device via Bluetooth technology. With this connectivity, hearing aids become wireless headphones. You will therefore be able to follow your favorite television programs with clear sound, listen to music from your telephones, make/receive telephone calls, etc.

A pleasant listening experience

Several advances in this equipment are related to the auditory experience. These include, for example, preventing buzzing and whistling, reducing the effects of wind, etc. Patients have the choice between several personalized hearing features: while the “Home” mode is ideal for those who pass during the day at home, the “Restaurant” mode must be activated when going out (it notably takes into account group conversations and background noise).

What whatever the circumstances, you just have to select the most suitable option accordingly.

Here are other programs of the latest generation hearing aids and hearing aids:

    real-time noise reduction;

  • binaural communications: the devices handle different situations better and deliver more faithful and natural sounds;
  • effective sound recording devices: the Signia brand, for example, offers devices reels equipped with acoustic sensors and motion sensors. Whether the patients are moving or not, the directivity and the signal of the microphones are optimally processed;
  • options improving comfort : low intensity or impulse noise reduction, anti-reverberation system, …


Prostheses and hearing aids are now comfortable and made to measure. They fit perfectly in the ears and are increasingly discreet (Starkey’s SoundLens, for example, goes completely unnoticed). Even if they are tiny, it should be noted that this equipment is no less effective. They offer optimal sound quality, as well as exceptional technical prowess.

Rechargeable equipment

Since patients want to enjoy good hearing all day long, manufacturers have ensured that their equipment is rechargeable. The hearing aids incorporate a Li-ion battery, which eliminates the need for batteries. With a 2-hour charge, they can be worn all day long.

As for battery life, it varies by model. In general, it is between 15 and 15 hours.


Considerable improvements have also been made on the tightness criterion. Some models are thus able to operate up to a depth of 1 meter.

The best manufacturers of prostheses and appliances hearing aids

In order to further satisfy users, manufacturers are designing state-of-the-art hearing aids. Said devices are attractive for their comfort, ergonomics and performance. But because of the similarities between the products, it’s not always clear which manufacturer is better than the other. So it all depends on your preferences and needs. Anyway, here is a list of some famous brands: Widex, Starkey, Signia, Beltone, GN Resound, …

Thanks to the many improvements they have subject, prostheses and hearing aids make everyday life easier for patients. They not only offer a new experience, but also allow you to benefit from fluid communications (regardless of place and time). Essential equipment for people with hearing impairments.

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