5 things you should never clean with baking soda: it damages them

Considered an effective cleaning product, baking soda is an ally for cleaning. There are countless benefits of this essential cleaning product for scouring, washing and disinfecting. However, it is not suitable for certain surfaces in the house. We give you good reasons not to use it in certain cases.

Although baking soda works wonders around the house, cleaning the kitchen as well as the bathroom. bath, some surfaces do not support its abrasive power and can be deteriorated or damaged over time. So what should you never clean with this white powder?


Baking soda – Source: spm

Surfaces that should never be cleaned with baking soda

Like cleaning products such as white vinegar and soda crystals which are natural household products, sodium bicarbonate is reputed to be effective in removing stubborn stains, whitening, shining surfaces, deodorizing the fridge, degreasing and fighting bad odors or even removing weeds . However, it is not recommended to be used to clean many surfaces.

– Do not use baking soda to clean marble

Marble surfaces do not like acidic products such as vinegar, lemon or bleach and even less abrasive products such as baking soda. With this product, this material may become porous and susceptible to deterioration over time. If the latter has come into contact with baking soda, rinse it quickly to avoid scratches or a white veil. Prefer soft and natural products to clean this surface and obtain a convincing result.

– Do not clean glass surfaces with baking soda

Although this white powder is effective in removing small scratches on the windows, it is recommended not to use it regularly. In question, its abrasive power can paradoxically scratch the glass. To have impeccable and immaculate windows, opt for white vinegar or even water and newspaper to polish your windows.

nettoyer surfaces vitrées

nettoyer surfaces vitréesClean glass surfaces – Source: spm

– Not not clean gold objects with baking soda

Whether silver or gold, some objects should in no way be cleaned with sodium bicarbonate. And for good reason, their material can be scratched or weakened. The best alternative is soapy water to clean your gold objects or jewelry and clean them from dirt. Soak them in a basin filled with lukewarm water and liquid soap. Leave on for a few minutes then rinse with clean water. Dry with a soft, clean cloth and you will see that in the end, they will shine with a thousand lights.

nettoyer bijoux en orbicarbonate

Clean gold jewelry – Source: spm

– Avoid cleaning wooden surfaces with baking soda

All like marble, wood, whether raw or varnished, can be damaged by baking soda. The layer of sealant used to protect wooden objects can be eroded by abrasive products such as baking soda. Instead of white powder, prefer specific products to keep the protective layer of the wood intact. In addition, certain essential oils can restore these surfaces with a clean cloth and give them a waxy shine.

– Ban baking soda in the cleaning aluminum kitchen utensils

In the kitchen, baking soda is popular but on certain materials such as aluminum, it is to avoid. Aluminum utensils can lose their natural color. Soapy water with Marseille soap or dishwashing liquid would be preferable to give shine to these precious kitchen utensils.

You are now warned about misuse baking soda to clean some surfaces. Although it is an outstanding household product, its use may be limited.

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