What is your flower according to your month of birth? What it reveals about your personality

Did you know that according to your month of birth, you correspond to a particular flower? You will be surprised to know yours and its symbolism!

Although not everyone knows it, just like our zodiac sign, there is also a flower associated with each of the months of the year. It is a tradition that comes to us from antiquity and which consists in associating each lunar month with a flower. Your birth flower not only has a special meaning but it would also have an impact on your personality and your traits according to ancient precepts. Find out what your flower is and its meaning.

les oeillets

Les Carnations – Source: spm

January – Carnations

It is a symbol of passion, pleasure and joy. The person born under the influence of carnation is a somewhat temperamental fighter. In love, they are faithful and generally make good choices. Carnations are very popular bouquet flowers and come in a wide range of colors.

February – Violets

It is a flower that symbolizes purity, faith and wisdom. Who was born in February is a sincere and humble person, although he is generally possessive in love. Violets represent truth and loyalty. They are vibrant and delicate flowers at the same time. Its colors are in the range of purple and snow white.

March – Daffodils

The daffodil is a flower that blooms at the end of winter and symbolizes rebirth. Others see it as a sign of vanity. Those born under the sign of this flower are generally shy and cautious.


The Daisies – Source: spm

April – Daisies

The daisy is the flower of youthful innocence, joy and caring. She symbolizes loyalty, which is why people born in April are usually very loyal. It is a small flower but it has a big meaning because it symbolizes purity and innocence but also beauty and joy.

May – Lilies

He who is born under the influence of the lily is a person of immense sensitivity. This flower represents virtue and humility but also people who open their hearts. Sometimes lilies are also associated with death, but don’t worry if you were born in May, it can symbolize that a soul has returned to innocence.

June – Roses

The rose is the flower of love, passion and beauty. Each color has a special meaning and the person who was born in June is passionate, perfectionist and loving. Women born in June are very lucky to be linked to the rose.

July – Les dauphinelles fields

This flower reflects an orderly and easy-going person. People under the sign of the delphinium generally have a big heart and are loving.

August – Gladioli

These flowers represent moral integrity and strength. People born under this flower are sincere, respectful and strong. Gladiolus, which are large funnel-shaped flowers in bright and cheerful colors, symbolize first love.

September – Asters

Its symbolism evokes a person full of elegance. This flower is used as a talisman to attract love because those born in September find it difficult to fall in love. You can find it in a variety of colors like white, pink and red. The most common symbolism is wisdom, faith and love.

October – Worries

The worry represents affection but also sadness. The October born person has a wonderful sense of humor and attracts people by being natural. The flower has a color typical of the autumn season. Marigold is a perfect choice for October’s birth flower.

les chrysanthèmes

les chrysanthèmes

The Chrysanthemums – Source: spm

November – Chrysanthemums

The person whose birth is under this flower is optimistic, friendly and very cheerful. People under the Chrysanthemum sign are born leaders who are easy to fall in love with.

December – The Stars of Christmas

This is a flower that represents celebration and is associated with an independent person with a joyful heart who loves unconditionally. Undeniably associated with Christmas, it’s no surprise that the distinctive vibrant red and green poinsettia is the birth flower for December.

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