Funerals 2.0, digital funerals

New digital technologies are disrupting all aspects of society and absolutely all economic sectors, even affecting funerals! The funeral market is rapidly evolving towards everything connected with the aim of eternal life in 2.0. Funeral planning is a delicate time for everyone. Between sadness and mourning, it is not always easy to complete all the necessary steps. This is where new digital technologies come into play to facilitate the entire funeral process.

The concept of funerals 2.0

Many specialized companies have rushed into the digital world to offer the organization of remote funerals, and all in just a few clicks. Indeed, funeral directors and certain service providers offer a large number of funeral accessories and services that can be fully personalized online such as the death thank you card.

Today, there is no need to travel to organize the funeral. It’s a considerable saving of time to focus more on mourning and contemplation. All the many services surrounding the funeral have really been turned upside down for several years. Today, the family of the deceased stays at home in front of the computer to choose the service providers between the funeral agency, the rental of a hearse, the ordering of flowers, the printing of death thank you cards, the choice of the funeral plaque, etc.

This does not stop with the immediate family. People who are further away geographically, whether they are friends or relatives, have the possibility of remotely ordering flowers, condolence cards, death plaques … All orders will be delivered to the relatives of the deceased and to those responsible for organizing the funeral, without anyone needing to travel.

The connected funeral plaque for vibrant tributes

Connected funeral plaques are becoming increasingly popular during the funeral. Moreover, many start-ups have made it the backbone of their business. Very similar to a classic funeral plaque, the connected funeral plaques are made of steel and placed or possibly stowed on the grave.

The big difference being that a QR code is inserted on the funeral plaque of a new kind. Thus, people who scan the QR code have access to a 2.0 memorial. The digital memorial is a totally digital place of contemplation where the memories of the deceased are numerous. They are accessible during visits to the cemetery. All content is generally chosen by the family: photos, videos, testimonials, etc.

The connected funeral plaque is therefore 100% customizable and the content solutions are nearly endless.

Live ceremony and remote guestbook

It is not always possible to to be able to attend the funeral of a relative or a friend and especially if you are very far from the place of the ceremony. Very popular during the pandemic for reasons of travel restrictions, the remote and live ceremony seems to have become part of our habits. This solution is practical when it is impossible to participate in a funeral which you absolutely want to attend.

The virtual guest book is also popular in this remote funeral concept. Indeed, this digital document brings together all the testimonies, whether they come from the family or friends of the deceased. They remain available online for an eternal memory.

Funerals 2.0 very late compared to other sectors

It was not until the pandemic that things accelerated significantly in the funeral sector 2.0. The delay compared to other sectors such as travel or clothing is still very significant.

This delay is explained by all the taboos surrounding the domain of death. Indeed, the commercial status of funeral companies does not allow them to canvass as they would like. So much so that the various net players in this area are not funeral directors, but rather independent service providers who surf on this niche left vacant by funeral agencies.


We have more than 600 000 death in France every year. The turnover achieved by the sector is around 3 billion euros, in other words that the crisis has not passed by there. The new generations have fully understood the challenge and the juicy profits to be made from it. Connected 100 hours on 100, they decided to give a sacred rejuvenation at the funeral and the more time passes, the more the funeral will be digitized

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