Beware of this virus: it takes over your phone and can cause your phone bill to explode

Monetary scams are multiplying with the advent of new technologies, particularly on smartphones or digital tablets. But this virus has targeted Android cell phones. It intrudes into your mobile device through rogue application or visible ads on your web browser. Computer security researchers are warning owners of Android smartphones that this malware can skyrocket your cell phone bill.

Find out about this virus that has targeted smartphones running Android and discover how it works in order to avoid it.

What is this virus that could increase your telephone bill?

logiciel malveillant

Malware on a smartphone – Source: spm

This virus has been named SMS Factory, i.e. the SMS factory. This name was not chosen by chance because the malware uses SMS to hack the account of its victims. It is a Trojan horse that targets all Android smartphones to send premium rate SMS and make calls to paid numbers. The virus spreads to Android cell phones through malicious ads, push notifications and alerts displayed on free streaming sites. If you tend to use apps to watch streaming content, be careful as malware can slip into such free apps. On these sites or platforms, the user is invited to download a new app. Once installed, the user is faced with a welcome screen where he must press “accept”. By clicking on it, the Trojan starts its process in the mobile phone.

facture téléphonique

A bill – Source: spm

To work properly on your Android smartphone, the Trojan sends premium SMS to all your contacts and can even make calls to toll numbers. The communication costs are therefore the responsibility of your telephone operator whose subscription you pay and the hacker recovers the money from a third-party account. This malware can harvest on average up to 6,20 euros per week or 220 euros per year. Contact your telephone operator if you notice that your bill is higher than in other months. If you are a victim of the Android virus, you should notice a noticeable difference in your monthly bill compared to last month.

Here are some tips to eliminate the virus on your Samsung phone

virus smartphoneA virus on a smartphone – Source: spm

facture téléphonique

If you are an iPhone owner, you are lucky because this virus does not target Apple users but rather those who own Android smartphones. This malware chose its target well and continues to spread around the world. It has been reported in countries like Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Turkey, Ukraine, Spain and France. To protect yourself from SMS Factory, you can follow these tips.

First of all, do not use third-party apps to download other apps. Rather prefer Google Play or the App Store. Then, install an antivirus that can detect when malware tries to integrate your smartphone into Android or iOS. Beware of ads with very short videos and push notifications. They can offer you to download applications via these notifications but often they are composed of viruses launched by hackers to target you and steal your personal data or your money. Finally, you can deactivate or limit the reception and sending of surcharged SMS with your telephone operator.

To avoid being the target of online pirates, on your iOS smartphone or on Android, be careful and do not download applications outside the official application stores.

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