Why is it not good to chill wine in the freezer? Many make this mistake

Traditionally, when you are invited to dinner with friends or colleagues, you bring a good bottle of wine. But often when you arrive it is not at the right temperature. Immediately, to cool it, the host has the reflex to put it in the freezer to speed up the process. Good or bad habit? According to oenologist and sommelier Meritxell Falgueras, wine requires a constant temperature and does not support sudden changes in temperature. Similarly, avoid putting ice cubes in the glass. So these are the common mistakes that many people make. For a better tasting, here is how to cool a bottle of wine properly.

The freezer is therefore not the most appropriate solution for cooling wine. Especially since there is also an impact on the compounds of the alcoholic beverage. Due to the thermal shock, the latter risks losing its balance and harmony. In particular wines that have residual sugars or delicate wines that are not very resistant due to a lack of added sulphites. Finally, if you forget, the bottle may even crack or break!

bouteille vin frigo bouteille vin frigo

Bottle of wine in the fridge – Source: spm

When the temperature is too cold, we modify the tasting experience in the glass: “it is very difficult to smell a white wine at less than 4°C because the pituitary gland in the nose does not capture the aromas. In addition, with the cold, we also anesthetize the taste buds ”, explains the sommelier. Thus, putting an ice cube in the wine has the same consequences. This is why some major sparkling wine brands have launched the “Vin on Ice” version. “ Theoretically, they are made with a process, an assembly they say, compatible with ice cream and cocktails “, he continues.

Bottles of wine – Source: spm

With the return of summer, it’s the ideal time to multiply aperitifs on the terrace. There’s nothing like enjoying a good glass of chilled rosé! If you are planning, you will remember to keep the bottle in the fridge for a few hours before having your friends over. And if you are brought back a good bottle, but quite lukewarm, the wisest thing is still to use an ice bucket. You will thus obtain the perfect temperature in less than 15 minutes (from 20°C to 8°C). In the fridge, it takes at least an hour and a half to achieve this cooling. “ But I see people who put a lot of ice and little water, whereas what transmits the temperature is the water! “, insists the expert.

In other words, if you use an ice bucket, two thirds must be filled with ice cubes: then pour very cold water up to their height and immerse the bottle of wine. The little trick: add a good handful of salt to speed up the process of cooling the wine. Indeed, the salt will melt the ice faster and prevent the water from freezing. By lowering the temperature of the water, the bottle will thus cool faster.

In addition, during a winter dinner accompanied by red wine, the expert advises to keep outside, on the balcony or the terrace, rather than putting it in the fridge. “ We usually put the bottle in the fridge, but it is better not to do so, because if you chill it more than necessary, the wine risks losing its subtle aromas« .

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Buy a bottle of wine – Source: spm

An easy tip for storing wine at home

To properly store wine bottles, not everyone has a small refrigerated cellar which maintains the optimum temperature and humidity. The sommelier then gives you a very clever little tip for good conservation. “Sif you bought a case of wine, keep it in the box which is a good insulator. It won’t work no miracles, but it’s already much better than keeping it in the kitchen. »

For the proper aging of wine, the temperature plays an essential role. Beware of temperature variations that may affect its taste. Choose a location that is neither too hot nor too cold. In other words, prefer a dark corner, cool and away from light or any source of heat.

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