Why are the back pockets of women's jeans smaller than those of men?

Have you ever noticed that the pockets of women’s jeans are much smaller than those of men, or even non-existent? While the latter can hold a lot of stuff, this feminine piece is quite narrow but definitely serves a specific purpose. The expert Emily Keller, stylist, says more.

Jeans are the essential part of any wardrobe. And for good reason, it can go with any type of color or top.

Only, there is a mystery hanging over women’s clothing pockets. Some people think that women’s clothing has smaller or no pockets for the simple reason that brands want to encourage the sale of handbags to make more money.

Emily Keller explained why the pockets of women’s jeans are much smaller than those of men’s pants or that they are sometimes wrong. The reason is closely linked to the economy of material used in the manufacture of jeans. One of the most frequently asked questions about women’s clothing concerns the pockets of jeans.

Why are the back pockets of women’s jeans smaller?

Put your hands in your pockets – Source: spm

The pockets of women’s clothing ( unlike men’s) don’t appear to be designed to hold anything.

Emily explained that there are 3 reasons why the pockets in women’s clothing are smaller than those of men’s jeans. First of all, it mentions economic reasons. Real pockets are more expensive and with the craze for “fast-fashion”, it is necessary to manufacture functional clothing, quality then becomes secondary. This therefore leads to better profit margins for clothing manufacturers.

Emily also asserted that all manufacturers focus on the look of jeans and the features that could improve the sale of their products. Another reason why some jeans have fake pockets or no pockets at all is that they can change the shape of a woman’s body.

Other reasons?

Blue jeans on a shelf – Source: spm

“Because today’s women’s jeans are made to fit the body perfectly, the extra material added to make pockets will become quite visible. Even if you want to put something in the pockets of your jeans, it’s not ideal for your body type,” adds Emily.

A third reason why these pockets are smaller or sometimes completely non-existent, is that over time the jeans can become wider.

“Most women’s jeans are made with lycra. If certain pockets are actually used, the material stretches and after several uses it will remain wrinkled,” explains the fashion designer.

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