Here is the ranking of the zodiac signs, from the nicest to the meanest. Where are you located?

So often we think we are a good person, astrology reveals the opposite with this classification. And for good reason, there is an order of the signs from the nicest to the meanest. Which one is yours?

Astrologers reveal a classification of the signs according to their degree of kindness or wickedness. It is established according to the common personality traits of the zodiac profiles and their perception by others.

Which is the nicest and the meanest zodiac sign?

According to astrology specialists, there is a sign of the zodiac which is characterized by its extreme kindness and another, on the contrary, by its odious wickedness. The characteristics of each sign of the zodiac are the tracks to have these answers. As Leo is often accused of navel-gazing, we will often tend to agree that Pisces is emotional and altruistic. And you, are you one of the nicest?

  • Balance

  • Balance

    Balance – Source: spm

      This sign known for its pacifism holds the top spot among the nicest zodiac profiles. And for good reason, among his personality traits, we can count on his helpful character and his kindness. He is upset when there are conflicts and always does his best to resolve them without harming anyone.

      1. Pisces

        A l Like the native of Libra, Pisces is magnanimous. He makes sure to act in an altruistic and disinterested way. Humanist, this Water sign believes in man and in his ability to help others. Their sweetness is unmatched and it is for this reason that their friendly relations are flourishing. They abhor conflict.

        1. Bull

          1. zod-taureauTaurus – Source: spm

              This loyal Earth sign is mainly characterized by its sensitivity and unfailing patience. He advocates balance in his personal relationships and has an important sense of listening. Taurus is always there to help his loved ones in case of need and never let people in distress down.

              1. Aquarius

              2. If he can get angry, Aquarius is distinguished by his honesty and his great sense of politeness. This sign loves unconditionally when it establishes a bond of friendship and can give of its person to render service.

              3. Sagittarius


                      Sagittarius – Source: spm

                        This Fire sign abhors toxic relationships and will do everything possible to avoid them. This dynamic zodiac profile who likes to take action is optimistic and can’t stand negativity.

                      1. Gemini

                      Known for their duality, Gemini can present two faces, depending on their interlocutor or their mood. He can therefore be extremely nice or, on the contrary, terribly mean. In both cases, he never does things by halves.

                      1. Cancer


                        Cancer – Source: spm

                          Impulsive and emotional, Cancer can harm others without wanting to. If he is not animated by wickedness, he can be mute and irritable if he is upset. However, in the majority of cases, he is benevolent and sensitive.

                          1. Lion

                            Somewhat navel-gazing, the native of Leo will tend to only take into realize only his feelings. If he is kind to the people he cares about, he can be incomprehensible and arrogant with those who do not belong to his circle. This Fire sign is impatient and is prone to throwing big tantrums that can be disconcerting.

                            1. Virgin

                                Virgin – Source: spm

                                  The native of Virgo is not very expressive and therefore will tend to keep his bad feelings to himself. However, he is often the victim of the pressure cooker effect and can destroy what is around him when he thinks it is too much. This Earth sign can therefore say things that go beyond his thoughts and this will make him feel strongly guilty.

                                  1. Ram

                                    This Fire sign impulsive and fiery is a victim of his personality traits. He will tend not to hold his tongue and sometimes utter surly remarks against those who make him impatient. Aries likes to have the last word and it is for this reason that he will be able to initiate unnecessary conflicts.

                                    1. Capricorn

                                    2. zod-capricorneCapricorn – Source: spm

                                      Capricorn, known for his rigor even his intransigence, will be able to consider the others with disdain if they do not share his system of values. When he is angry, he establishes a distance that amounts to contempt. He may also come up with a well-crafted plan for revenge if his feelings are hurt.


                                    3. Scorpio

                                    Easily irritated, Scorpio does not hesitate to sting and considers it a defense mechanism. It could be hurtful when you least expect it. Resentful and mute, he can turn his jacket around easily to take revenge.

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