WhatsApp: what does the heart emoji with a red dot mean and when can you use it?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications. It allows its users to send text or voice messages and multimedia content to all their contacts. It offers different features to chat with family and friends using emojis and other media images. You may be using the heart emoji with a red dot below on WhatsApp without really knowing its meaning.

You will find out what is the meaning of this heart emoji with a dot below , available on the Meta app. You can use it wisely and share it with all your recipients.

What does the heart emoji with a dot below mean on the WhatsApp application?

The heart emoji with a dot below – Source: spm

When you insert emojis in your WhatsApp conversations, it can become a lot of fun. You bring a more creative touch to your exchanges with your contacts and the discussions become more entertaining. The heart emoji with a dot below is one of the twelve hearts available on the WhatsApp application. You can use them on all Android smartphones or on iOS, depending on the version of the instant messaging application. This emoji depicts a red heart and a dot below it similar to an exclamation point. Emojis that are on the WhatsApp application have different meanings and allow you to share various reactions to your contacts.



Emojis – Source: spm

According to the emojipedia, the encyclopedia of official emojis in the world, the WhatsApp emoticon is used to express an exclamation. This is why the heart emoji with a dot under it is similar to the exclamation mark. It would also be useful to express a question whether someone likes you or not. This emoji has several meanings. The point below the heart would also be associated with a drop of blood from the bleeding heart. It would then be associated with sadness. Others give it religious significance and relate it to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This original heart emoji was approved in Unicode 1.1 in 1993. Unicode is a computer standard that allows content to be exchanged internationally. It was also added in 2000. Even though it’s built in Unicode, depending on the instant messaging apps – like WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Signal or Telegram – the heart emoji with a dot underneath won’t always have the same design. It can also be different depending on the operating system used such as Android or iOS.

Here is the meaning other heart emojis on WhatsApp


The WhatsApp application – Source: spm

Many features are available on the WhatsApp application. They allow you to access different options in order to offer you a pleasant experience on the social network of Mark Zuckerberg. Emojis have become very popular with time, including heart emojis. On the WhatsApp Messenger application, heart emojis come in many colors with different meanings.

– The meaning of red heart emoji

The red heart emoji stands for passion, love and romance. If you use this emoji in a conversation, it means “I love you”. You can send it to friends or your partner.

– Whatsapp pink heart emoji meaning

The pink heart is almost similar to the red heart because it also expresses a very strong feeling. With its pink color, il can be differentiated from the red heart because it will more often be intended for friends rather than a lover. It is rather a symbol of friendship.

– The meaning of the blue heart emoji on WhatsApp

The blue heart emoji has different meanings. It is the symbol of autism and can be used on World Autism Awareness Day. It is also used to stage beautiful photos taken at sea.

– Purple heart emoji meaning

When you use the heart emoji in purple, it means you are assertive or love fashion and new trends.

– Orange heart emoji meaning

The orange heart emoji represents shyness. If you receive a heart emoji of this color, it means that your recipient may have wanted to send you the red heart emoji but was afraid to express their feelings. It can also be used to send positive energy.

– The meaning of black heart emoji

The black heart emoji would be more intense than the red heart emoji. It would symbolize a more passionate feeling than the red heart can express.

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