WhatsApp: here's the meaning of the new pink heart emoji and when should you use it?

Each emoji has a unique meaning and it is important to know the right way to use them and when to share them. Heart emojis are the most used and are differentiated by their different colors. Here’s what the pink heart emoji means.

It’s not always easy to find your way around the multitude of emojis to use in WhatsApp chats and it’s all the more no longer the case, that their meaning sometimes escapes us. Several of them remain mysterious or are used without our being sure of their purpose. Something that should be avoided because you are never safe from a misunderstanding, especially since the color of the heart emoji you send is particularly important. It is by taking these details into consideration that we share with you the meaning of the pink heart emoji.

Emojicœur rose

Pink heart emoji – Source: spm

What does the pink heart emoji mean on WhatsApp

The famous messaging application, WhatsApp, recently renewed its list of emojis by expanding the possibilities of expression for its users. Emojis remain very practical communication alternatives, they are useful when you want to express ideas that are difficult to explain. Also, since the heart emoji is the most widely used in the world, it comes in different shapes, styles, and colors. It is therefore to make it easier for you to distinguish between all its varieties, that we reveal to you what the pink heart emoji means. This would have nothing to do with love as one might suppose.

Contrary with the red heart that we associate with love, the pink heart signifies kindness, sensitivity, courtesy and carelessness. Everything related to positive intentions that refer to a certain lightness.

In addition, according to the psychology of colors, pink is a symbol that inspires comfort and which expresses hope. Thus, when you send this emoji to a person, the intention will be to compliment them for their kindness, their affectionate character or their sensitivity.

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The meaning of other heart emojis

double heart emoji. Source: spm

– The double heart emoji is used to signify a feeling of love coupled with passion. It expresses a state of exaltation, pleasure and euphoria which also alludes to a physical manifestation of feelings.

Vibrating heart emoji. Source: spm

– The vibrating heart emoji is surrounded by superimposed lines with a jerky effect of vibrations. It designates the excitement, passion and intensity of the feeling of love.

– The heart emoji which grows bigger comes in the form of a color gradient that can go from pink to red. It expresses the passion and the feeling of love that grows more and more.

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