Should the oven door be left open or closed to cool it down? Most people make this mistake


After making a dish, the heat in the oven can still be very high. Only, a mystery hangs over this household appliance. Should we open the door or not to cool it?

While many choose to leave the oven door wide open to cool it, few of us know if it it is a good habit for the house.

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A hot oven – Source: spm

Should the oven door be left open or closed for it to cool down?

One thing is certain: letting the oven cool down with the door closed does not damage the appliance – although, of course, the cooling time will be longer than when we leave the oven on. open door. And for good reason, modern electric ovens are equipped with cross-flow fans which ensure good evacuation of hot air and humidity.

On the contrary, there is good reasons why it is not recommended to cool the oven with the door open. Firstly, the excessively hot air jet from the device could damage nearby furniture. This instruction is indicated in the instruction manuals of the household appliance.

Leaving the door slightly open to let the hot air out is also far from a good idea . Indeed, this continuous tension ends up exerting pressure on the hinges which regulate the opening and closing of the device and which in the long run can be permanently damaged.

Not to mention that keeping the oven door fully open can pose a safety risk to us and those who live with us – especially if they are young children. In their presence, we strongly advise against allowing the oven to cool by leaving it open.


    Clean the oven – Source: spm

No toxic chemicals are needed to clean the oven. You can quickly clean your oven with an ingredient you have in your pantry, salt.

This ingredient is great for cleaning the oven. Here’s how to do it:

  • Sprinkle the salt on the baking sheet or on the bottom of the oven, even if it is damp.
  • Let the ingredient act at 22 degrees for approximately 22 minutes.
      • If the salt turns brown, you can clean it with a sponge and warm water .

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