The lives of these 3 zodiac signs will be turned upside down on July 18: nothing will go as planned

3 zodiac signs will have a low mood from 18 July. In question: the demotion of Chiron in Aries, which brings to face the old demons. The Moon in Scorpio will also be an unfavorable period for fulfillment.

Three zodiac profiles will have to show patience and resilience during these last days of July. Chiron in Aries will be able to cause a veritable explosion of negative energies that could harm them. They will have to be careful not to give in to their impulsiveness.

What are the 3 signs of the zodiac that will be impacted by Chiron from 20 July?

The end of the month of July promises to be a bad omen for 3 zodiac profiles due to the unfavorable celestial movements which will occur from 18 July. They will have to advance against winds and tides to make their way through troubled times. The middle of the month will be characterized by the retrogradation of Chiron in Aries, but also the opposition of the Sun in Cancer with Pluto, a strong planet, can have a painful impact. These two aspects combined encourage you to dive deep into negative thoughts that are not always constructive. It is for this reason that the 3 signs concerned will be able to enter into an introspection and feel disconcerted in the face of the simple vagaries of life. These astral configurations can make them somewhat irritable and make them doubt their ability to take action. They risk feeling demotivated in the face of responsibilities that they consider too heavy for them. To get through this complex period, they will have to seek help from caring people who remind them of their value. It is recommended that these zodiac profiles exercise good judgment before making comments that they are likely to regret immediately.



Capricorn – Source: spm

The native of Capricorn, who nevertheless stands out for his rigor and perseverance, risks showing himself to be the opposite of the qualities attributed to him. And for good reason, he will have the impression that these are not appreciated at their fair value. Chiron in Aries and the impact of Pluto will make him want to take a break, pushed to the limit by the efforts he provides on a daily basis. Irascible, this Earth sign will be able to resent the whole world since strong negative energies will fall on him without warning. Capricorn should be discerning so as not to create chaos around him. This Earth sign can have black rages if he doesn’t take time to put things into perspective and regain his natural calm.




verseau002Aquarius – Source: spm

This humanist sign could be angry with the whole world. Celestial movements can infuse him with an anger that is far from his own. He will be in a bad mood during this period under the influence of Chiron, and this will be mainly due to financial worries in the face of which he will feel helpless. His mood swings will start all over again and the Aquarius, of a playful nature, will be able to attack his loved ones. He risks to shut himself up in silence which will annoy them. This zodiac profile that belongs to the Air Element may feel misunderstood and accuse those around him of not helping him enough. The end of July will also be complex from a professional point of view because he will not allow himself the rest he deserves. He will have the impression that he can no longer put his heart into the work and the hierarchy will point this out to him. If he doesn’t take himself in hand, he risks losing his self-confidence and ruining everything he worked so hard to build. To smile again, he should put all his problems on paper. Aquarius will be able to realize that their moods are intrinsic and not caused by their environment.




Gemini – Source: spm

If this sociable and enthusiastic Air sign is likely to pout throughout the end of the month of July, it’s because he will feel stuck in a routine that doesn’t look like him. Chiron in Aries will make him impatient for something new to happen in his life. The impact of the planet Pluto will make him want to start over from scratch when, a priori, everything is fine. This eternal dissatisfaction that characterizes Gemini risks turning against him because often he does not show gratitude. He may wish to cut strong ties to make a clean sweep of the past. However, this is the worst mistake to make because, contrary to what he believes, he needs support in this period when he may not ask for help. To get through this period, he must not isolate himself, but rather spend privileged moments with his loved ones. Taking a break to take a vacation could be ideal for Gemini who needs to recharge their batteries more than ever. Taking a step back is sometimes necessary to start again.

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