Jeans too tight? The genius trick to relax it and adapt it to your size

In the majority of wardrobes, jeans are an essential piece. We all have at least one in our wardrobes. And for good reason, they are surely the most popular pants in the world. As it is all-terrain, it can be worn day or night, in winter or summer. As a bonus, it comes in a variety of models, goes well with all materials, colors and looks. Although it generally lasts over time, denim is a rather delicate material that must be maintained with care. Not to mention that with wear and repeated washing, jeans can quickly fall apart, shrink and become less comfortable. Quickly discover these clever little tips to relax your favorite piece and take better care of it so that it lasts over time.

Our jeans seem solid and resistant. They can even last for years, provided you treat them properly. But they are often put to the test and are hardly immune to mistreatment. Between the recurring washes, the body fluctuations, the detergents and the external aggressions, admit that we sometimes have the impression that they are real warriors. Many are often surprised that their jeans shrink over time. There’s nothing mysterious about it: due to poor care or overwashing, it’s normal for your pants to lose their flexibility and make it harder to put them on. This is not a fatality for all that. Techniques exist to breathe new life into your favorite jeans.

fermer jean serré

Trying to close tight jeans – Source: spm

Wet your jeans and stretch them vigorously

Take a spray bottle, fill it of warm water and spray your jeans generously from front to back. Once fully wet, pull the fabric forcefully in the areas you wish to stretch. Pull it well in all directions and bluntly. Then, so that they adapt perfectly to your morphology, put them on while they are still wet, until they dry.

Good to know

: if your jeans are still too stiff, soak them in a water solution cold combined with a cup of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar. These two natural products will help to soften it so that it relaxes.

Important thing to remember: never dry your jeans in the dryer, it’s the best way to make them shrink quickly. Always opt for air drying.

· Use the power of heat

You can use a heat source such as an iron. With a good amount of steam directly on the jeans, you will be able to stretch the very tight areas of your pants. Put it on to readjust it to your body.

· Use a belt tensioner

According to a stylist, belt stretchers are similar to the device used to stretch shoes. All you have to do is thoroughly wet the belt with lukewarm water, insert the stretcher and turn the handle to extend it.

fermer jean serré

Wearing jeans – Source: spm

· Use the right detergent

When washing dark jeans, be sure to use laundry detergent specially dedicated to colored clothes. Some detergents contain chemicals called “optical brighteners”, which whiten white clothes perfectly well, but which can also cause discoloration of colored clothes.

· Turn the jeans inside out before washing

This is probably one of the best known tips for washing jeans. And, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on! Turning your jeans inside out will help prevent color fading during the wash, and it’s also the best option for preventing UV damage when drying in the dryer. exterior.

Pre-soaking is strongly recommended

If you’re particularly concerned about the color of your dark jeans leaking the first time you wash them, some laundry experts have a very clever trick. They suggest soaking new jeans in warm water with salt added before washing them for the first time. The salt will help you fix the dye.Also, in the drum of the washing machine, always consider mixing your dark jeans with clothes in similar dark colors, in order to avoid any risk.

Do not over wash

Finally, last size advice: jeans do not need to be washed every time that you wear it. So don’t have the reflex to systematically throw it in the dirty laundry bin. Remember that frequent washing shortens the life of your jeans. So get into the habit of cleaning them only when really necessary. A little less detergent won’t hurt!

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