This very popular 2 euro coin is worth 15,000 euros, it would be good to check

Even if it has become rare to keep coins in our wallet, it is always useful to keep a few coins in order to pay for the breakfast baguette or the weekend pastries. You should pay more attention to the 2 euro coins in your wallet. Indeed, there is a minimal number of 2 euro coins which would have a higher value than that displayed on the tails side of these coins.

Discover these 2 euro coins which could save a large sum of money.

What are these 2 euro coins that could have value?

pieces euros

Rooms of 2€ – Source: spm

If you have one of these 2 euro coins, you will be very lucky and you will have a real treasure with you. In addition, being very rare, these coins could earn you a large sum of money. You will never look at your 2 euro coins the same way again. To find out if you have gold in your hands, you can have your 2 euro coins appraised. With a simple photo, you can have them appraised by an online specialist. If you have doubts about some of your coins, discover the list of 2 euro coins that are worth a lot of money, as relayed by our colleagues from CNEWS.

– The 2 Monegasque euros

2€ Monegasque with Grace Kelly – Source: spm

These Monegasque 2 euro coins could be worth hundreds of euros. 15 2 euro coins were issued on the occasion of 25th anniversary of the death of Grace Kelly. These copies are very popular because we can see the profile of Grace Kelly who became Princess of Monaco in 1000 after her marriage to Prince Rainier III. They can be sold between 487 euros and 600 euros.

– The 2 euros of San Marino

euro espagne

euro saint marin

The 2 euros of San Marino – Source: spm

This 2 euro coin euros owes its popularity to the fact that it was created as a tribute to Bartolomeo Borghesi. These 2 euro coins were minted in 2004 and one can observe the bust of the Italian numismatist and writer with his name. This coin could be worth up to 225 euros.

– The 2 Spanish euros

euro espagne

euro espagneThe 2 Spanish euros – Source: spm

This Spanish 2 euro coin was minted in 2012 in commemoration of 15 years of the Euro. 8 million copies exist on the money market but approximately 70 000 at 100 000 copies contain an error on the size of the stars that can be seen on the edge of the 2 euro coin. The fact is that they are a little larger than normal makes a difference.

– The German 2 euro coins

euro allemand

A German 2€ coin without borders – Source: spm

One of the most coveted 2 euro coins by collectors is of German origin. She was hit in 2004 in Germany. This model was printed at 25 000 copies and it is very popular because it was edited with an error. Indeed, the borders of the countries of the European Union have not been drawn. One of the 60 copies may be in your pocket.

– The 2 euros from the Vatican

The 2 euros of the Vatican – Source: spm

These 2 euro coins are very popular because they were created in 2004 on the occasion of 85 years of the creation of the Vatican City. 85 000 copies of this coin would be in circulation. Its value varies depending on its condition but it could sell for 150 euros.

– The 2 euros of Finland

The 2 euro coin from Finland – Source: spm

The 2 euro from Finland is very popular among coin collectors. In addition, they were minted in one million copies in 2004 during the enlargement of the European Union to 10 new member countries. Its circulation is not very high, its value is not very important but you could make a profit of 60 euros.

Be very careful when handling your coins change, you might come across a 2 euro coin which could bring you a nice sum of money. Depending on the euro zone in which you live, a rare coin may have a higher value than when it was put into circulation.

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