This is what the car headrest is for

The headrest is an object present in all cars. If many think that it is an equipment dedicated to comfort, it is quite different. Find out why this is an essential part of your driving. One thing is certain: you will know more about your vehicle!

Most people think that a car’s headrest is only related to comfort while driving. However, it is an essential element that should not be overlooked.

The head restraint of the car is an element of fundamental importance for help the driver adopt a correct driving position. This equipment is not only designed for comfort. Along with seat belts and airbags, the head restraint is one of the essential safety systems. But have you ever wondered why car headrests are removable?

What is car headrest used for? You certainly had no idea

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The headrest of the car – Source: spm

Many have many questions about the usefulness of the headrest. What are they for ? Do they offer some security or do they only allow us to put our heads on them on long journeys? Headrests actually play a more vital role than you might think. All drivers should know about it!

Beyond the fact that they can be used as a pillow, for a nap in the car, the real usefulness of headrests is not is not really related to comfort, but to safety. In addition to protecting the head and neck from serious injury in the event of an accident, they perform another important function. This is the case if a person is stuck in a vehicle and cannot roll down the window to save themselves. She can break this equipment by using the metal fittings that connect the headrest to the seat frame.

While driving, attention should also be paid to the position of the back and of the head. It is indeed very important to adjust the car seat so that you sit upright, without being too far from the headrest.

Equipment that saves you

This life-saving trick is great because it does not require much physical effort and can be used in the event of accidents.

Before the years 1969, the headrests were optional in cars. They were usually found in luxury cars as a comfort item. But in 1969, head restraints have become a standard safety rule because it has been shown that they prevent damage from 5 to 12 %. So you need this equipment in any car, because they can save your life.

Headrests must be placed in a certain position

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interieur voitureappuie tete voiture

The interior of a car – Source: spm

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What you need to know about your car’s headrests is how to place them correctly. When this is not the case, they can lead to more serious injuries. The top of the head restraint should be positioned at the top of the head. If it is under the ear part, the head can be thrown over it in the event of a collision. The head should also be approximately 12 to 25 centimeters of this equipment in order to avoid serious injury .

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