Here's how to grow a lemon tree in a cup that will perfume the whole house

Did you know that you can grow good fragrant lemons in a small cup? This planting is easy to grow and only requires seeds from these juicy lemon tree fruits. This guide explains how to achieve this step by step and helps you develop your gardening skills.

To have lemons grown at home, you do not need a garden or from a jar. A small cup will allow you to enjoy these ideal citrus fruits to consume in cold weather. By following these instructions, you will have beautiful plantations!

If this guide which teaches you how to plant a lemon tree in a cup is ingenious, it is because the classic cultivation method can take years for growth. To have a miniature tree, you will have to ask your nurseryman for dwarf citrus varieties that can flourish in small containers.

Lemon seeds – Source: spm

Planter un petit citronnier dans une tasseThis guide will help you grow a lemon tree with a cup!

To grow this source of nutrients at home, it is important to follow these rules. They will allow you to witness the germination of young shoots quickly. To do this, use beautiful seeds from 5 to 12 lemons. Then, pour them in a glass of water and get rid of those that float because they will not be useful for having a quality fruit tree. Then dry the seeds with a paper towel. In a cup, put black, moist potting soil and place the seeds in it, which you will cover with this organic material. All you have to do is place small gravel on the container. Keep the mug near a sunny window. Wait 10 days and you can have beautiful seedlings. However, only water the plant when the soil seems dry. You can finally repot the cup to have a beautiful indoor plant!

Planter un petit citronnier dans une tasse

Planter un petit citronnier dans une tasse

Planting a small lemon tree in a cup – Source: spm

To repot these small lemon trees, it is necessary that the pot be 25% larger than the plant. It is better to choose an earthenware pot because it is more porous and allows water to evaporate better. And for good reason, the roots of the fruit tree tend to rot if there is too much water. For the berries to grow well, you will also have to choose the soil carefully. The latter must contain organic matter such as compost or old manure to provide the elements necessary for growth. To have good fruiting, the soil must be well drained but have a pH that is between 5.5 and 7. To measure the acidity, a pH meter that you can get in a gardening store will be necessary.

Culture in lemon tree pot – Source: spm

For a good growth of the lemon tree, watering must be daily. Only, it will be necessary to be careful not to give too much or too little water to make this small tree survive. To check that the plant has every chance of growing well, touch the surface layer of the earth. If it is dry, it will have to be sprinkled. It will be necessary to water more often when it is hot.

Cueillir un citron

Pick a lemon – Source: spm

What fertilizers should you choose to grow a lemon tree in a pot?

If to grow, the citrus fruit can be satisfied with enriched soil, you can see it fruit more quickly by using the right fertilizers. Among them, those that are slow release such as NPK 15-6-6 or 22-22-22 which fertilize the earth well. You can also add iron, zinc or manganese to enrich the latter. Soluble fertilizer is also an effective alternative for good growth.

When to harvest the fruits of these dwarf lemon trees?

To harvest this nutrient-rich citrus fruit, you simply wait until the lemons are ripe. You will be able to see it by touch once this food is very yellow, heavy and slightly soft. All you have to do is press!

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