Perfumes have an expiry date: what happens if you continue to use them beyond the limit?

The world of perfumery is full of facets, discoveries and secrets. Both men and women are very fond of it. And there is no shortage of choice: from fresh, floral and delicate notes to warm and powerful fragrances, passing through tangy, spicy or oriental accords. Brands compete in creativity to attract more consumers. Summer or winter, there is something for all tastes, all occasions and for all moods. If some are faithful to a favorite perfume, others venture to test different scents. But by dint of buying them, some end up collecting them and storing them in a corner for years. However, even perfume has a limited lifespan. How do you know if a particular bottle is expired? Here are some valuable tips.

Perfume lovers are very numerous. Many give it to their heart’s content to offer it to loved ones or to stock up on exclusive signatures. Nothing is more pleasant than a delicate or intoxicating essence on the skin. Each fragrance reveals a very particular aura that can even define our personality. But whatever their composition, these exceptional juices are not eternal. Many people tend to accumulate a large number of perfumes in the bathroom or above a dressing table, believing that these fragrances can last indefinitely. It’s a mistake: depending on the storage conditions, some bottles can deteriorate over time and lose their beneficial properties.

How long can a bottle be kept? scent ?

Se parfumer avec son parfum préféré

Perfuming with your favorite perfume – source: spm

In l Absolutely, most manufacturers recommend throwing away the perfume bottle three years after purchase. However, if you feel that the juice is still very well preserved and its smell has not changed, you can continue to use it even after five years. You should know that the storage conditions have a fundamental role: when the fragrance is stored in an appropriate place at the right temperature, away from heat and light, it can last for many years. However, the No. 1 enemy of perfume is none other than the air which can cause the phenomenon of oxidation. However, nowadays, modern containers are generally well sealed with a spray system: you just have to do take special care to close them properly with their caps. This is why the spray bottle keeps better. The classic opening being more fragile insofar as the bottle is constantly in contact with the air.

In other words, even if the perfumes do not have an expiry date in themselves, they can spoil when they oxidize: too much oxygen inside the bottle can alter the molecules of the perfume. Which can affect its smell, color and texture. When this happens, the smell becomes sour, acidic, metallic, or may even smell like plastic.

Which types of fragrances last the longest or the least?

Most often, amber and woody notes and leathers are more stable and more resistant to time. Beware, however, of the chypre olfactory family, a high concentration of patchouli, oak moss and certain resins which can compromise the longevity of the aroma and lead to a smell of plastic. Some flowers such as orange blossom or jasmine can change color over time, becoming darker but without altering the scent of the essence of the perfume.

De Generally speaking, eau de parfums, which are more concentrated in alcohol, last longer and keep much better than fresh and light eaus. It should be remembered that top notes, such as citrus fruits, are more volatile and more likely to oxidize, unlike base notes, which are heavy and resistant, which prevent aromatic molecules from oxidizing. Finally, the best quality of raw materials and correct preservation of the perfume remain the keys to making it last longer.

Good to know

: ultimately, the best way to know if your perfume is still operational is to smell it. Only your nose will be able to judge and decide on its smell. If its scent is still pleasant, keep it. If it seems denatured, unpleasant and suffocating, almost similar to vinegar, it is better not to wear it anymore.

As we said above, if you want to enjoy it longer of your perfumes, it is absolutely necessary to keep them in a shady place, well away from the sun, humidity and heat. If you keep them in their box at a moderate temperature (between 15 and 15° C) and protected from light, they will stay in perfect condition for longer. Especially fragrances whose main components are citrus and green notes, as these are more volatile and altered by changes in temperature and light.


: but we reassure you, the majority of perfumes have a high concentration of ethanol (60%), a powerful antiseptic that prevents the proliferation of fungi, mold and bacteria.

A few tips to make your perfume last longer

  • Test a perfume – source: spm

    • Keep it away from the light. Although there are some very beautiful jars that are worth displaying in the bathroom or bedroom, they are best kept in a dark place and in their own box. Because light breaks down perfume molecules, making their composition unstable and subject to oxidation.
      • Avoid being near a heat source. Ideally, the aroma should be less than 15°C. According to experts, it would be better to keep your most precious perfumes in a wine cellar. Of course, not everyone has them: just avoid installing them near a radiator, for example, because the heat also alters the chemical composition of the molecules. Always keep them in a dry and cool place.340507

      • Never leave the bottle uncovered. Oxygen also increases the risk of deterioration: it is therefore essential to close the bottle properly after each use.
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