Is it true that when you dream of someone it is because that person is thinking of you?

The world of dreams is full of enigmas and mysteries. Many people try to decipher their dreams to try to find rational interpretations of them. According to specialists, each dream hides a very specific message, which can evolve according to our emotional context and the scenarios suggested by our unconscious. One of the popular beliefs is that when you dream of the loved one, it means that he is thinking of you. Simple myth or proven fact?

Generally disjointed, complex and fleeting, dreams give rise to countless theories. Most people try to interpret their meaning with the tools at their disposal. But in reality, unless you are really an expert in the matter, you rarely understand its meaning, you are mostly confused and intrigued. Certainly, it is common to dream of the person we love. But what would be the symbolism? Does that imply that she is thinking of us?

What does it mean to dream of someone you love?

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Although it is beautiful to believe that when you dream of a special person, she necessarily thinks of you, no scientific study has come to prove this fact. Unless it is really a happy coincidence, there is therefore no guarantee that you will be in the thoughts of the person who appears in your dreams.

Dreams generally reflect more the projections of the dreamer’s own feelings and emotions. As mentioned by Sigmund Freud, a neurologist and psychoanalyst, dreams are usually projections of your own desires.

Therefore, if you dream of the person you love, c It’s probably because you fell asleep thinking precisely about her or you just can’t get her out of your mind even when you sleep.

Often this means that you repress your emotions a lot about that special someone. This case is quite common and it is a form of manifestation of your first steps in love. If in the dream the person rejects you, you may lack self-confidence and experience a feeling of insecurity.

Another interesting interpretation: according to Freud, this kind of dream to a compensatory symbolism. What we dare not say or do in reality, we express in a dreamlike way through dreams. In other words, the blockages you feel towards this person disappear in the dream, allowing you to fully express your feelings.

And s’ Was it a lucid dream?

Se reveiller le matin

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The world of dreams is really exciting, but much more complex than we imagine. Most of the time, we do not know that we are dreaming, we even have the impression of living something real: it is only when we wake up that we realize that it was only a kind of mirage. But, there are all forms, including lucid dreams or astral travel.

Lucid dreams are almost like half-awake dreams. These are those in which the dreamer is fully aware that he is dreaming. Even better, he can even direct his dream like a director or screenwriter. It is a particularly fascinating phenomenon: the dreamer can control his projection as he pleases and even transform the scenario of his dream by integrating new people or modifying the situations according to his good will. This is why the dream cannot turn into a nightmare, for example. What is quite worrying in this kind of dream is that it is sometimes difficult to differentiate dream from reality.

At one time or another, everything everyone can lucid dream. They usually take place during REM sleep and you can control how events unfold. Plus, you don’t need to have any magical powers, if you’re in a higher energy vibration than usual, you can even interact with a specific person. For this you need to train your subconscious. It is a somewhat complicated process, but achievable.

Therefore, it is possible that the person you love thinks of you while manifesting in your dream because he trying to send you a message. However, if you dream of precisely this person, it is because they do not leave your thoughts.

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