The trick to charge the phone battery without using a power outlet, it's practical and useful

Nowadays, our mobile phones act as a safe: they contain our photos, our videos, our contacts and even our most secret documents. Far from being a simple entertaining gadget, the Smartphone is also an important working tool. The only inconvenience that persists again and again is that it discharges far too quickly. However, when the battery is flat, we are immediately in panic, in urgent search of a wall socket. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to have one nearby. The solution ? Charging via wireless power. Quickly discover this brilliant trick for fast and plug-free charging.

Anyone with a busy schedule will tell you that a portable wireless charger is a real lifesaver. This mobile accessory is commonly used to charge a mobile phone without an electrical outlet, but it is also very practical for charging laptops, headphones and other electronic devices that we use daily.

Mobile phone can be charged without power supply

batterie telephone dechargée

A flat phone battery – Source: spm

When you buy a wireless charger, first check whether it is well charged to replenish your cell phone. As you can take it anywhere with you, it will save you in many situations, especially those where you cannot find a power outlet to recharge the battery.

Indeed , when you are away from home, you may consume a lot of battery by sending important emails or watching a rather heavy video. In particular, streaming playback requires higher energy consumption than normal, especially if combined with other usual uses of the Smartphone.

Precisely, the portable charger without fil is an ideal system when on the go. There are all kinds and all budgets to allow you to charge your mobile phone once or several times in a single charge, depending on the type of device. As a bonus, if you go to sleep and the power outlet is too far from the bed, you risk having your mobile completely discharged the next day. Here again, you will have the solution to the problem!

Another significant advantage: remember that each time you use the power supply, the energy consumption is considerable. This is not only bad for the environment, but it also drives up the cost of the electricity bill. You now have the most reliable way to recharge your mobile phone at any time, while respecting the environment and preserving your wallet.

Recharge your Smartphone with the external battery (Power Bank)

batterie telephone completement chargée

A fully charged phone battery – Source: spm

It is not yet well known to the general public, but the “Power Bank” is about to revolutionize the telephone market. It is an external battery technology that can be carried anywhere and can save you when the Smartphone is almost dead. Indeed, it is able to recharge the device at any time, provided it has been charged beforehand of course.

However, when it is completely full, it is able to provide maximum mobile phone charge at 100%, not a alone but several times. An invaluable rescue when it’s hard to reach an electrical outlet!

Good to know: When choosing the right model for your device, it is advisable to opt for a device that comes as close as possible to the original charger of your smartphone. Otherwise, its performance may be lower or even inefficient.

So, if you need to have your laptop nearby during the night, but you do not nearby, you can attach the Power Bank to the device, thanks to the charger input port. As a bonus, this technology is also available with cordless models. Once the two devices are started, they communicate independently with each other, without even having to use a connection cable.

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