Add 1 ingredient during the wash and there will be no stain marks on clothes

Some stains disappear without difficulty with your usual washing product, while others become embedded so well that after several washes they are still there! Do you want to improve the efficiency of your laundry without damaging your belongings? Here is a very effective ingredient to add during the washing process; it has many advantages for your clothes, but also for the maintenance of the washing machine and for the protection of the environment!

When stains from coffee, wine or soda cling to your dirty clothes, including the most delicate, the use of an overly aggressive detergent can prematurely wear out your belongings. With a natural ingredient they will become like new again without risk for the fabrics.

Did you know? Made from sugar beets, corn and even wheat, this ingredient is obtained by transforming sugar, first into alcohol and then into acetic acid. For household chores, you will prefer the one obtained by natural fermentation without synthetic products and with an acidity level ranging from 8 to 15%. Have you found out what ingredient it is? It’s white vinegar of course, and it has enough tricks up its sleeve to become indispensable in your laundry room. !

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    This ingredient has surprising washing properties

A single half-cup of this liquid mixed with your laundry allows you to tackle the toughest stains, among other things, without taking the risk of harm the fabrics, to advantageously replace fabric softener and bleach – two more expensive and more toxic products for the environment. In addition, it makes it possible to disinfect and soften clothes, to preserve colors and to deodorize clothes in case of tobacco or animal scents, and even to maintain your machine by dissolving scale deposits and eliminating any residual bad smells.

Pour a cup of white vinegar into the fabric softener compartment and start the machine. You can also pour some into the drawer during the last rinse of the laundry. Remember to avoid dark colored vinegars which may affect your favorite shades. And keep in mind to never use vinegar combined with bleach or any other chlorine-based product, as their combination can create toxic fumes for human beings.

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What other ingredient can be added to improve washing?

With properties close to those of white vinegar, baking soda is also a valuable ally in your laundry room. Synthesized from chalk and salt, it is an odorless and biodegradablenatural product which reinforces the action of your detergent. Its decalcifying power is very useful for the maintenance of your household appliance, and the bicarbonate also has the particularity of making the washing water foam and of balancing its level of acidity, which is well suited for cleaning baby linen. . However, avoid using it on woolen and silk garments. In terms of use you will not encounter any difficulty since the bicarbonate is effective alone or combined with your usual detergent. To use the white powder, mix at 30 grams of baking soda to the detergent dose and start the wash cycle.

Baking soda – Source: spm

Which natural ingredients to use in prewash?

To clean your clothes, do not overload your machine and sort your belongings according to their color and their fragility. And to tackle the most severe stains, it is recommended that you soak your fabrics for several hours with the or ingredients adapted to each type of stain: for example to white clothes that tend to yellow with perspiration and wear, lemon and hydrogen peroxide (called hydrogen peroxide in its liquid form) are ideal instead of bleach . Wear gloves as hydrogen peroxide may damage sensitive skin. Another example for a wine stain that is still fresh, sprinkle it with flour or talc then after a few minutes gently rub and rinse to get rid of it quickly. And for grease stains, Marseille soap has no equal.

If you are not completely satisfied with the result of your laundry, or if your laundry has need a breath of fresh air, don’t deprive yourself of these natural ingredients with amazing properties, without forgetting to inform yourself before using them to the first time. And who knows, maybe you will soon make your own economical and ecological detergent?

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