9 tips for having beautiful skin in summer

Get a makeover for the summer thanks to natural, healthy and economical grandmother’s tips. Discover in this article, our 9 tips for a more beautiful skin naturally without having to go through the supermarket box.

Almond oil, the care of dry skin

Rich in iron and vitamins, sweet almond oil is a versatile natural treatment. Indeed, this vegetable oil is full of benefits. Given its soothing, restorative and toning properties, it can be used as a beauty treatment for the hair, body or face (for very dry skin). Sweet almond oil strengthens the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis and reduces wrinkles. To take advantage of the beauty properties of this oil, apply a few drops to perfectly cleansed skin. To make it penetrate well, make circular movements.

A salt scrub against dead skin

To have soft skin and eliminate all impurities, opt for a homemade scrub based on coarse salt. This natural peeling recipe consists of a handful of sea salt, two tablespoons of olive oil and a few drops of essential oils (lemon or lavender). To get rid of dead cells, you have to rub properly to evenly distribute the salt crystals.

The beauty benefits of coffee grounds

Appliquer le marc de cafe sur la main

Apply the coffee grounds to the hand – Source: spm

Coffee grounds are a natural exfoliant that refines skin texture. Concentrated in vitamins and antioxidants, the brown grains of coffee grounds can be reused in the cosmetic sphere. You can use them in body care (in the shower) as well as for your face. To have a radiant complexion, consider mixing the coffee grounds with a few drops of vegetable oil (coconut, prickly pear seed, olive) or mixing it with a little honey and coconut oil .

Find soft skin with a honey mask

Honey is a hive product highly appreciated by fans of “homemade” cosmetic products. Thanks to its regenerating properties, it promotes healing. To have a supple, soft, hydrated and deeply nourished skin, do not hesitate to bet on the beauty virtues of this natural nectar. Rich in mineral salts and vitamins (A, B and C), honey has an absorbent action. In particular, it helps eliminate impurities that clog pores and make the complexion dull.

Black tea, an effective solution for oily skin

Nothing beats black tea for treating and purifying oily skin. This natural treatment is easy to perform. Just brew black tea in boiling water. Once the tea has cooled, pour it into a container (pump bottle, small bottle) and keep this infusion cool. Then, just soak a cotton ball with this lotion before passing it on your face. It is best to repeat this beauty gesture morning and evening. The results will be visible after a fortnight.

A moisturizing cucumber mask

Appliquer le marc de cafe sur la main

Slices of cucumber – Source: spm

Cucumber is commonly used in beauty. To obtain a cucumber mask, start by peeling your vegetable, then remove the seeds before grinding it. Then, mix the puree obtained with honey and organic sweet almond milk to obtain a natural moisturizing lotion. Do not hesitate to apply this mask morning and evening on a previously cleansed face before rinsing thoroughly. It is useful to remember that this mask can be kept for up to 4 days.

The bath of oats to care for sensitive skin

Thanks to their milky texture, oat flakes act on the skin to make it supple and hydrated. They have a mattifying action on combination to oily skin. To deeply hydrate your skin, infuse oat flakes or powder (two handfuls) in the hot water of your bath. Consider using coffee filters or nylon pantyhose as a filter. Oats also have the advantage of reducing itching, soothing skin irritations and inflammations and bringing real relief to people with delicate or uncomfortable skin.

Turmeric to fight against skin aging

Rich in curcumin, a compound with properties antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing and antioxidant, turmeric helps fight against free radicals. These are the cause of premature aging of the skin. Indeed, one of the major causes of skin aging is the cell oxidation process. Several factors such as exposure to the sun, stress, pollution, or an unhealthy lifestyle can accelerate this process. Research has shown that turmeric is a natural and effective anti-aging agent. This yellow powder reduces the first signs of aging and prevents skin spots.

The green clay mask

The green clay mask on the face – Source: spm

For those with dry skin, green clay is highly recommended, as it tends to regulate its pH. Regulating sebum, cleansing and purifying, it allows to have a rebalanced and radiant skin. A natural and stimulating exfoliant, it also helps to tighten pores. Do not choose a clay that is too aggressive for the skin, at the risk of obtaining the opposite effect. You can dilute it in water to make a paste to apply directly to the face, or mix it with a little olive oil. Leave it to act for about a quarter of an hour on the face then remove the remains of the mask with lukewarm, clear water.

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