Fortune smiles on these 3 zodiac signs in July: good news is coming

The month of July will be very favorable to these zodiac signs. They will be very happy and very lucky during this season dominated by the sign of Cancer. Mercury also enters the sign of Cancer from July 5 until 19 July. It will bring positive and sensitive energy to the representatives of these zodiac signs.

This time of year will be very festive and conducive to good news for the natives of these zodiac signs. The movement of the stars this month of July will be very favorable to them and luck will smile on them. Here are the zodiac signs that will be lucky in July.

Which zodiac signs will luck smile on in July?

The signs of the zodiac – Source: spm

This time of year promises to be very festive for the signs of the zodiac. Halfway to the end of the year, this month of July is synonymous with holidays and carelessness for the natives of these signs. While the Sun is in Cancer, it shares a positive energy that will bring confidence to all signs. Mercury, planet of communication, invites the signs to focus on their emotions during their discussions with others.

– Gemini

gemeaux mai terrible

The sign of Gemini – Source: spm

Gemini will be very happy during this month of July. Gemini in a couple will have a great time with their partner. Conversations will be more fluid and clear and they will feel understood. Singles are likely to meet new people and they will finally feel ready to open up to others. The Cancer season is going to be very favorable for them because they could receive new opportunities at work during this cycle. Gemini will be very lucky and they won’t have money problems. In terms of their finances, Gemini are not to be pitied. The month of July is synonymous with abundance and prosperity for this Air sign.

– Lion


The sign of Leo – Source: spm

The Lions will be the stars of this summer. The month of July promises to be very positive for this Fire sign. They will be the center of attention and will attract all eyes. This majestic sign will not hesitate to put its charisma forward during this cycle. In addition, the Sun enters its sign from 23 July, which will further boost the generosity of Leo. Singles will meet wonderful people and will be carefree enough to live a love story during the summer. For Leos in a relationship, they will feel lighter with their partner and will highlight their mischievous and adventurous side to add an explosive touch to their relationship. In terms of finances, the Lions will find a new balance and will be able to take advantage of it to go on vacation together.

– Bull

taureau chance juillet

The sign of Taurus – Source: spm

Mars in the sign of Taurus will boost this Earth sign and bring it all the vitality it needs to start a summer off right. From July 6, Taurus will regain all their energy and will be able to carry out all their projects. They won’t be afraid to take action and take matters into their own hands. Taurus will learn to put themselves first in order to finally enjoy the summer and put aside their problems. They will be very lucky and could meet new people during this month of July. Taurus will feel well surrounded and always appreciated. These epicureans of life will be at their peak when they receive an invitation to go to dinner in an unusual place during their vacation. In love, Taurus as a couple will enjoy simple pleasures of life with their partner. They will feel happy and peaceful again with their lover.

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