Uses of Solenoid Valves in the Manufacturing Industry

A flow control valve controls the fluid’s flow and helps manage other process variables such as pressure, temperature, etc in a system. For controlling the flow rate, a proportional solenoid valve changes the size of the orifice. The flow rate of the fluid directly affects the process of a system. The precision and the ability to provide strong control over flow rate make them a perfect choice for the manufacturing industry. Today control valve with solenoid are considered an integral part of the manufacturing and processing industry. 

Below we have listed some uses of flow control valves in the manufacturing industry:

Controls the Flow Rate:

In the manufacturing unit, the raw material has to go through various processes. There is a great need to control the flow of the fluid so that the right quantity of each ingredient can be used for making the end product. If this composition will change then it will have a great impact on the end product and you will not have the high-quality product in your hand at the end of the day. That is why it’s essential to have strong control over the flow rate of the fluid with the help of a proportional solenoid valve so that the right product can be manufactured. For example, the manufacturing of beverages requires to use the water and other substances in a controlled amount to create a good taste. But if the composition of the liquids will change during the process then the unit will produce a new product at each cycle of production. 

Manages the Pressure and Temperature:

The flow rate of the fluid that passes through a system or pipeline directly affects the pressure and temperature of the system. If you can keep the flow rate low as per the need of the system then many other process variables also remain under the safe limit. This way, a proportional solenoid valve manages the pressure and temperature of the system and keeps them low to have optimal performance from the system. 

Reduce the Waste:

The Proportional flow control valves are widely used in the manufacturing and processing industry to lower the waste of raw materials and energy. In the manufacturing business cost of the production matters a lot for the manufacturing. But if the raw materials start going into waste then it affects the profit of the business. Nowadays, manufacturers use proportional solenoid valves in automated systems so that the right flow rate of the fluid can be maintained in the system as per the need of the process or an accurate quantity of the raw material can be used for the creation of the end product.

They are also used for the packaging of the beverages. These valves let the user add the precise amount of the beverage in each container or bottle. They help the operator to fill the same quantity in all the bottles.

Saves Money:

In large manufacturing units, fluid power systems are largely used to perform various essential tasks. In these systems, proportional valves help to use precise pressure so that the energy can be saved and the manufacturer has to pay less for the utility bills. 

Final Words:

Today, proportional solenoid valves are commonly used in the manufacturing and process industry where they perform many essential tasks while maintaining accuracy and precision and safety.