Top Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Most homes have a basement which is often used for storage or as an additional living space. A basement is a versatile space that can be used for multiple purposes- from storage to recreation. Whether you choose to renovate your basement as a home theater or turn it into a home office, waterproofing is essential before starting any renovation work. When planning a basement remodel, waterproofing is one of the first steps that prepare a damp and dark basement for any renovation. As the lowest part of the building, the basement is prone to water damage. Humidity and water damage are the primary cause of mold and mildew growth in the basements. Mold is a serious issue because it leads to multiple problems. Dark patches of mold on the walls look unsightly, as well as cause structural damage.

If the problem is left unattended, mold spores can make you sick. If inhaled, mold spores could trigger asthma and cause other respiratory diseases. For this reason and many more, waterproofing your home’s basement is crucial. If you’re delaying this project for a long, let’s take a look at why you should prioritize waterproofing your basement. Here are some benefits of waterproofing that will make you feel motivated to invest in this home improvement project.

Get the Remodeling Project Started

If you’re planning to renovate your basement, waterproofing is a must. Remodeling allows you to turn your basement into a home theater, gym, home library, kids’ playroom, or guest room. No matter what type of remodeling you’re planning, waterproofing is a must. Investing thousands of dollars into basement remodeling is worthless if water is leaking and damaging your furniture, carpet, or cabinets. Waterproofing prepares your space for starting any renovation work. It safeguards your space against flooding and water damage, resulting in saving money on repairs later.

Improve Your Health

If a trip to the basement is triggering your asthma, don’t delay waterproofing. Damp spaces become breeding grounds for mold growth. Mold can quickly spread and cause several issues such as structural damage and allergies. If you notice a runny nose, itchy eyes, or respiratory issues, possibly there’s mold in the basement. Waterproofing is a smart decision that eliminates the risk of exposing your loved one to harmful mold spores. It helps in keeping your basement dry, preventing the risk of mold growth. A dry basement improves your health, as well as gives you peace of mind.

Foundation Support

The basement is the lowest part of the house, closest to the foundation. The basement, in fact, serves as the foundation of the house. Waterproofing the basement helps in strengthening your home’s foundation. Extreme weather conditions like heavy rain can wreak havoc in your basement. When the water reaches the foundation, it reduces the strength of your home’s structure. Waterproofing prepares your house to handle extreme temperatures. It keeps your basement and foundation moisture free. Whether there’s heavy rainfall or snow, waterproofing keeps your basement and foundation dry and safe throughout the year.

Add Value to Home

Increasing a home’s value is a major concern for many homeowners. If your house isn’t properly maintained, its value may start declining. Even if you don’t plan to sell the house, the situation may change in the future. If you ever want to list your property for sale, investing in basement waterproofing can increase the selling price of the house. A moisture-free basement and leak-proof house are more attractive to potential buyers. A waterproofed basement is a selling point that can make your house more appealing. Basement prone to flooding and mold growth is seen as a hassle and reduces value of the property.