8 Best Wholesale Home Decor Suppliers

The market for home decoration is exploding. Products for decorating homes, such as gothic decorations, wall art, and soft furnishings, are sold worldwide. This industry is only going to continue to flourish and grow. This post will list the ten most reliable large wholesale sellers of home décor. After that, we will assist you in locating the most cost-effective supplier that will give you a pricing advantage over your competitors. 



In the United States, NexDeal is recognized as the preeminent supplier of Wholesale home decor suppliers in the USA. NexDeal is your one-stop shop for anything from stylish bookends to rustic farmhouse furniture and everything in between. Hundreds of high-quality goods are available, and you will find what you are searching for. You may find the ideal quantity of stock for your retail store, gift shop, or online company with the assistance of NexDeal. You can take advantage of the most competitive wholesale pricing on the most popular home decor goods.

Wholesale Mart

Wholesale Mart is a one-stop store that may fulfill all your general items requirements. They have everything from collectibles and presents to home décor and cookware. Our rates can’t be beaten on any of it! At Wholesale Mart, the minimum order value is just $50. You may buy hundreds of different goods packaged together in tiny bundles. In addition, you’ll be eligible for bulk savings of up to 15% or even more. Candle holders, animal figurines, ornamental skulls, wooden signs, and many other home decorations are some options available at Wholesale Mart. In addition to items for the house, such as furniture, cutlery, cookware, and kitchen appliances, they also sell a selection of different fabrics.


Kole Imports

Kole Imports is a major supplier of all of your wholesale requirements; they have a warehouse headquartered in Los Angeles and is 250,000 square feet; they have over 5,000 goods in hundreds of categories, and their showroom is 10,000 square feet. Housewares, home accessories, and interior design are just some of the categories that fall within the purview of Kole Imports, one of the Wholesale home decor suppliers USA. In addition to ornaments, candles, clocks, wall posters, vases, baskets, mirrors, and cleaning supplies, the broad collection of one-of-a-kind products offered by Kole Imports also contains several other goods. Every one of our items is procured in the most direct way possible from reputable producers in other countries.



DollarDays is a leading online mega-wholesaler headquartered in Arizona. They have over 20 years of expertise in the market and more than 10,000 items across hundreds of different categories. Since the company’s founding almost 20 years ago, DollarDays has been the go-to supplier for thousands of companies, non-profit organizations, and charitable organizations throughout the United States. DollarDays is your one-stop shop for all the on-trend home products you might need to give your area a facelift. Because there is no minimum amount that must be spent altogether, selecting the furnishings that will make your house appear the absolute best will be simple.


Bargain Wholesalers

Bargain Wholesalers was established in 2016 and has grown to become the most successful cash and carry wholesaler with its headquarters in Leicester. The company’s retail sales have exceeded 50,000 with great success. Bargain Wholesalers has a broad range of items, some related to the home, such as homeware and home décor. With hundreds of goods across various categories, Bargain Wholesalers have something that will appeal to every customer. Bargain Wholesalers has a diverse selection of HomeGoods, including but not limited to candles and incense sticks, wall clocks, storage solutions, kitchenware, and holiday and Christmas-themed gifts and decorations. You may buy these items in smaller number packs online or at their wholesale warehouse. Both options are available to you.


Dollar Item Direct

Dollar Item Direct is an importer and distributor that caters only to the retail sector, supplying general products and dollar items to thousands of retail establishments and online sellers throughout the United States. Our clients can get the most out of their investments because they provide items of the highest possible quality at the most competitive pricing. With over 20,000 best-selling products ranging from household goods and home décor to accessories acquired directly from prominent manufacturers in China, Dollar Item Direct is your one-stop shop for all shopping requirements. They offer something suitable for customers of various sizes and types of businesses, from mom-and-pop shops to major chain stores. Dollar Item Direct is among the most reputable home décor wholesalers for various reasons, including the absence of a minimum order value and competitive delivery rates inside the United States.


The 7 Hill Interiors Company

Hill Interiors is one of the most successful homeware importers and wholesalers in the United Kingdom. Their products include accessories, home decor, and homeware. Our broad inventory includes various products, such as furniture, lighting, decorations, fabrics, kitchenware, fake plants, and more. Hill Interiors serve more than 4500 trade clients throughout the United Kingdom. These customers range from tiny interior décor shops to garden centers, internet traders, furniture stores, huge retail stores, and eCommerce websites. They have been in the business for more than 25 years. Throughout that time, they have developed a reputation for providing outstanding service and selling items of high quality at reasonable costs.


Puckator Wholesale

Puckator Wholesale is one of the UK’s most successful wholesale distributors of giftware and homeware. They provide a diverse selection of goods, which may be selected from categories such as clocks, decorations, figurines, wall art, soft furnishings, kitchenware, drinkware, and so on. They take great satisfaction in providing high-quality items at affordable rates, and our staff is always available to provide assistance, guidance, and recommendations. Over the last three decades, Puckator Wholesale has established itself as a reliable supplier for online vendors, offline gift stores, and eBay sellers throughout the UK. Puckator provides rapid, same-day delivery on orders placed before 11 am and provides free shipping for purchases over £100. Additionally, they offer a staff of specialized customer care professionals available to assist you daily at 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.


The Takeaway!

If you’re looking for wholesale home decor suppliers USA, you need to be able to spot a reliable one above the rest. The trick is to know what qualities to look for so that you can sift through all the suppliers out there and find the best one for your needs. Good Luck with your search!