Should We Buy Lab Grown Diamonds Over Mined Diamonds?

Diamonds Have Been Around for a Long Time

Diamonds have been around for a long time. They were first discovered around 400 B.C., and they’ve been used as gems since then.

Diamonds are the hardest natural mineral on earth, so they make excellent tools for cutting other materials like glass or metal. Diamonds also have a special chemical property called cleavage that allows them to split along perfect planes in order to form gemstones with interesting shapes (like octahedrons).

This makes diamonds extremely valuable—they’re the most valuable gemstone in terms of carats per gram!

The Diamond Size does not Matter

The size of the diamond is not important. Diamonds are graded by carat weight, which is how much they weigh in carats (one point equals one-hundredth of a gram). One carat diamond is equivalent to 100 points on the grading scale. A 1/10 ct Diamond will cost anywhere between $1k – $2k depending on its quality and cut value.

One exception to this rule: if you want to buy an engagement ring or other jewelry piece with a large center stone that doesn’t fit in your budget without sacrificing quality (and we all know how important it is), then consider buying a lab grown diamond instead since they cost less than mined ones!

Lab Grown Diamonds are Cheaper than Mined One

Lab grown diamonds are cheaper than mined diamonds. This is because they’re easier to produce and more affordable for most people.

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They are also less rare, which makes them an attractive option if you want to buy a diamond as an investment or gift.

Lab Grown and Mined Diamond are Identical in Terms of Structure and Color

For the most part, your lab grown diamond will be identical to a mined diamond in structure and color. The only difference is that it was grown in a lab rather than mined from the earth.

The process of growing a lab grown diamond is very similar to the process of mining a diamond; they both involve crushing ore into powder, heating it up until it melts into liquid form, cooling down and sieving out any impurities using screens until only pure crystals remain at the end of each day’s work.

However, there are some notable differences:

Are lab grown diamonds real?

You may be wondering, “Are lab grown diamonds real?”

The short answer is yes. Lab-grown diamonds are made from the same material as mined diamonds, and they have the same chemical composition as mined diamonds. So if you see a lab grown diamond on an advertisement or in a catalog, it’s definitely real!

There are many different types of synthetic gems like cubic zirconia and moissanite that look very similar to natural gems but aren’t actually real because they have no natural origin or history behind them (i.e., mined). These types of fake gems are often called “synthetic” or “manmade.

Difference between Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds

If you’re wondering if lab grown diamonds in India are natural, the answer is yes. Lab-grown diamonds are not mined from the earth like mined diamonds. They are made in a lab and then sold as though they were mined off of your hands or face.

Lab grown have the same chemical composition as mined ones – just with different origins! The only difference between these two types of gemstones is their origin. Where they came from and how they were created.


This article is to show you that lab-grown diamonds are an excellent choice for anyone who wants diamonds.

If you’re wondering whether or not they’re real or not, there are ways to check. It would be better if you wait until after your purchase so as not to waste time on research that could be spent instead of getting down on one knee! Comment below if you have any queries related to this topic.