Plant a coin in your plant pots: no one expects this great result

Succeeding in the maintenance of plants even without having a green thumb is possible. Indeed, some simple and effective grandmother’s tips can help you protect your plants from the pests that attack them and therefore promote their healthy and vigorous growth. Find out why it is important to bury a copper coin in the soil of your plants.

To have luxuriant and vigorous plants, it is important to take care of them. For this, in addition to watering and fertilizing them, it is also important to protect them from attacks by parasitic insects such as aphids, ants or scale insects. To do this, you can help yourself with a copper coin.

Why is it important to bury a copper coin in the soil of the plants?

Pièces de monnaie en cuivre.

Copper coins. Source: spm

Put a copper coin in the soil of your plants can protect your plants

harmful parasites q who ravage them, like slugs and snails. Copper is also an effective repellent against these gastropods. Copper coins are also a very effective fungicide to protect plants from fungus at the origin of cryptogamic diseases and thus promote their healthy and vigorous growth. In addition to that, they can overcome the infestation of certain insects. Note that you can use coins of 20 cents to divert ants from their usual route and thus keep them away from your plants in the garden or vegetable patch.

Tips: To keep insects away from your plants, you can spray the leaves with a solution of baking soda, water and vegetable oil or spray a citrus infusion. Black soap diluted in water is also a good repellent against insects such as aphids or red spiders. You can also spread a little coffee grounds at the foot of your plants, or use a decoction of garlic or nettle manure which, in addition to being a good fertilizer, acts as a natural insect repellent.

What are the other uses of a coin in copper ?


Cut flowers in a vase. Source: spm

In addition to using it to protect your plants from certain pests and fungi, you can put a coin coins in a vase to extend the life of your flowers. On the other hand, some grandmother’s tricks can improve the quality of the water and therefore increase the life of cut flowers. For this, it is advisable to add a piece in copper of 5 centimes in the vase water, and that as soon as you put your flowers for the first time in the vase. Copper has antioxidant and antifungal properties which allow to limit the development of bacteria in the water, and therefore delay the withering of your flowers. Note that it is also advisable to add a sugar cube with the coin. Thus, you will not only protect your flowers from bacteria, but you will also nourish them. Moreover, do not hesitate to add the sachet of nutrients offered with the bouquets of flowers, in the mud water. This contains aspirin and saccharin, and is intended to provide the essential trace foods for the proper preservation of flowers.

That said, copper coins not only protect your plants from attack by fungi and certain pests, but they are also useful for making flowers that you carefully keep in a vase last a long time.

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