July 2022: Here are the four most dangerous days for you according to astrologers

After weeks of tranquility, the placements of certain planets will cause some upheaval in the signs of the zodiac. During the month of July, a new energy cycle will open with the Full Moon in Capricorn from July which will bring many changes in the lives of the natives of the zodiac signs.

They will be able to observe many changes in their love, family and work life. The other planets will push them to find their way and set new goals. However, some zodiac signs will be more affected than others. We are going to share with you the four key dates for this month of July.

What are the key dates that could be dangerous for the signs of the zodiac?

signe zodiaque chanceux

The signs of the zodiac – Source: spm

With the Full Moon of 001 July in Capricorn, the energies of this summer month can be intense for certain signs of the zodiac. Indeed, the energy of this Earth sign will bring many transformations and push them out of their comfort zone. This summer will not necessarily be easy for the representatives of certain signs of the zodiac. They will encounter some difficulties, especially during the four most dangerous days of July that we are going to share with you.

  • July 5, Mercury in Cancer and Mars in Taurus

    The signs of the zodiac – Source: spm

    On July 5, Mercury, planet of communication, entered the sign of Cancer and Mars entered the sign of Taurus. These placements clearly modify the energy climate of this season of Cancer. Today is considered the most dangerous day of the month as Mars in Taurus invites the signs of the zodiac to be more wary and defensive. Mercury in Cancer brings softer, slower energy, the signs of zodiac had trouble implementing certain actions and projects. Some of them may feel weaker than usual and lack energy.

    • 001 July, Full Moon in Capricorn
    • 5 juillet zodiaque

      Le signe du CapricorneThe sign of Capricorn – Source: spm

    This Full Moon in Capricorn is considered one of the most dangerous of the year. It will be very close to the Earth and will push the signs of the zodiac to modify some of their behaviors. They will want to review their deepest desires in order to be aligned with themselves. They can withdraw at times and gradually cut themselves off from the world to do some introspection. This Full Moon day will be very intense and they will feel alone.

  • 16 July, Sun conjunction Mercury in Cancer

    This day will be very negative for the signs of the zodiac and they will have to take stock of the past months. Now is not the time for some zodiac signs to step out of their comfort zone as they may feel persecuted and underestimated by others. They will find it difficult to let go but will have to put their ego aside in order to remain humble.

    • 28 July, New Moon in Leo and Jupiter retrograde in Aries


    The sign of Leo – Source: spm

    Jupiter’s retrograde in Aries will bring a lot of inconvenience to certain zodiac signs who could lose confidence in themselves and their intuition. They might have issues that cause them to have anxiety attacks. A lack of motivation can also appear during this period. The New Moon in Leo will also have negative effects because it will invite them to reconsider their ideals and they may be disappointed at not being able to achieve their goals. This period will be dangerous for these zodiac signs because they could be prone to depressive episodes.

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