How to easily open a jar? No special tools are needed

Have you ever been unable to open a jar of tomato sauce, pickles, olives or other favorite foods? Often, it’s the jam jars that give you a hard time and no matter how hard you try, you can’t unscrew the lid. You use a tea towel, tap the lid, turn the glass jar upside down… Nothing works, your jar remains well and truly closed. We are going to share with you some solutions that will allow you to open your glass jars very easily.

Discover some tips that will save you time when you want to open the lid of a difficult jar.

bocal cornichons

A jar of pickles – Source: spm

You can’t arrive open that jar of jam or pickles? Discover these tips that will allow you to overcome this inconvenience. You won’t be so frustrated with those hard-to-open lids and you’ll save time when opening them. You can taste your pickles and open your jars of jam without waiting for the muscular arms of a third party.

– Unscrew the lid of the jar using a rubber band

The difficult opening of a jar – Source: spm

To unscrew the lid of a jar, use this very effective trick. For this, you need a rubber band. First, rinse and dry the lid well and make several turns with your rubber band around the lid. Then try to open the lid of your jar. With the elastic, you will have a greater grip and a better grip. This allows you to open glass jars without difficulty.

– Use a small spoon to open the lid of a jar

Opening a jar – Source: spm

If you cannot open a jar of jam, for example, you You can use a spoon to squeeze in some air. To do this, take a spoon and slide it between the lid and the jar. Make a lever movement to let the air pass. You will hear a small noise when the pressure is released. You can then open your jar of jam.

– Open a transparent jar using heat

To deal with a stubborn lid, you can heat the lid of your glass jar. If the lid has a rubber seal, the heat may be able to loosen your lid and make it easier to open your jar. To do this trick, run your jar under hot water for a few minutes, moistening the rubber well. The latter will soften and you can open your jar without problems.

– Use an oyster knife to open a jar

ouvrir bocal couteau a huitres

Opening a jar with an oyster knife – Source: spm

To open the lid of a recalcitrant jar, you can use an oyster knife. To do this, hold your jar firmly and place the blade of the knife under the lid then pierce it by giving a sharp blow to the handle. Indeed, as the oyster knife has a pointed blade, you just have to pierce the lid of the jar to open it.

– Use rubber gloves to open a jar

To open the stubborn lid of a jar of pickles or tomato paste, for example, you can use a rubber glove. Your gloves used for cleaning will be very useful to you. For this trick, you will only need a rubber glove. If you are stronger with your left hand, put the glove on it and if you are right-handed, put it on your right hand. Use your dominant hand and the non-slip properties of rubber to open the lid of the jar.

With these tricks, you won’t need to go to the gym to strengthen your arms. You’ll be able to unblock any stubborn lid in no time.

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