Gojek Clone: On-Demand Business Tips From Growth

Everyone wants to grow their business. The question is how? In 2022, if you want to grow your business successfully, you need a Gojek Clone App! A Gojek-like app is a multi-service platform that enables entrepreneurs to offer 82+ services. So, if you want to start a business where your app can help people to book online taxis, order food & groceries, get medical services, etc., get this amazing app! 

How Gojek Clone Will Help You Grow On-Demand Multi-service Business? 

People love to use Gojek-like apps because they offer a multitude of services on a single platform. Therefore, it is easy and convenient to grow the business! Let’s see what else you can do to grow the business. 

Gojek Clone App Includes

1. Integrate modern features 

Modern features always attract customers. Since people easily adapt to the latest technology, it is best to leverage this behavior and offer them modern features. With the help of the Gojek-like app, you will be able to offer your customers the following advantages: 

  • Login with biometric authentication: customers can log in to the app using their Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning. iPhone users can log in with Face ID whereas Fingerprint Scanning ID is for Android users.
  • Bid for service in real-time:  with the Gojek Clone App, the customers and service providers can start negotiating for the job in real-time. 
  • Video calling: with the service providers is safe now!  This feature ensures that you are able to communicate with the service provider/user effectively and efficiently. 

2. Offer all-in-one services platform 

There is nothing better than offering all the latest and modern services. The multi-service app offers 82+ services to customers including taxi ride booking, on-demand medicines, online video consultation, etc. 

Get this app if you want all these services on a single platform. There are multiple advantages of kickstarting a multi-service app such as: 

  • No additional expenses in maintaining more apps 
  • Cover huge market share
  • Earn more by offering more services 

To be more specific, we have mentioned here the eight service components of the app like Gojek: 

  • Online taxi ride booking 
  • Online video consultation 
  • On-demand services 
  • On-demand delivery 
  • Parcel delivery 
  • Delivery Genie and Runner 
  • Medical Services 
  • Online service bidding 

3. Gives a unique brand identity 

The Gojek Clone App developers white-label the app plus customize it by giving it a completely new identity. For example, you have asked the experts to white-label the app. Once you get to review the app, you will notice that: 

  • The color theme of the app and website matches the color of the logo 
  • They have integrated the Company’s Name and Logo everywhere on the app 
  • They have integrated the services and features of the entrepreneur’s choice 

Besides, the application is the biggest marketing channel for the company. In addition to spreading brand awareness, entrepreneurs can use it to promote sales. How? 

4. Promote business through the app 

In-app push notifications are a great way to promote what’s new to the customers. From providing information about upcoming sales to telling them about a new PROMO code, the app can be used for promotions. 

Moreover, customers can catch up on everything on the NewsFeed section of the app. 

5. Keep on innovating with the Gojek Clone App

Another biggest perk of an app like Gojek is that entrepreneurs can keep on innovating. For example, entrepreneurs can launch the latest services on the platform and start raking in more money. 

Here are examples of two new and unique services available on the platform. 

  • On-demand medical services: allows your customers to get medical services whenever they want to. From booking an ambulance to scheduling a video consultation with a doctor, there are several such convenient services available on the platform. 
  • Service bidding: allow your customers to start negotiating for handyman services in real time. After the customers post the task on the app and the provider makes the offer, both parties can start negotiations! 

In Conclusion: 

On the whole, no matter if you are planning to grow your new business or an existing one, with the Gojek Clone App, you can achieve everything. The best part is that this business solution is affordable and has a quick time to market that saves you from lagging behind the competition. 

So, take the right purchase decision and start growing your business!